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A Couple Of Nice Flatty With New Plastics

J Bisho

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Today was a spur of the moment thing, after finishing my plans for the day by about midday i said to my son we'll go out on the boat for the afternoon. So I got my mate John Till and my 2 sons Jacob and Matty to come out for the arvo. We were just going to have a wakeboard and ski but thought we might as well throw in our new plastic gear that Ray has introduced us to. After wakeboarding and water skiing in Woy Woy Bay we drove out just infront of the entrance to Woy Woy Bay and threw a line out. After about 10 minutes Tilly had a nice flatty, I was stoked for him and was keen to get one for myself. Another 10 minutes later i landed a flatty too. We stayed out there for another half an hour or so and only got a few bites, unfortunatly neither of my sons caught anything but did have a great day on Brisbane Water. It was a good hour of relaxing fishing and headed in with 2 flatty both around 50-55cm. Thanks must go to Ray for the intro to plastics. A very enjoyable afternoon with the boys :thumbup:

post-16427-027514500 1290247944_thumb.jpg

post-16427-034889800 1290247961_thumb.jpg

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:thumbup: Hey Bisho your first post, good onya buddy and congrats on your flatties, hope it was with all the new gear you got when we went shopping.. :1welcomeani: to FR mate and glad to see you are working your way into the site. When you called me we had one and ended up with 22. One arvo next week you me and the flatties.. :thumbup:
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A nice post mate - glad to see you can mix the fun of skiing and fishing on the same day ! I'm still waiting to break my duck with plastics, the hawkesbury prawns work better for me but I will keep practising til I crack it!

Hey Nicey while you are soaking those prawns you should drop over a squidgy silver fox and forget about it, until the rod starts moving that is! And by the way J Bisho nice work on the flatty's mate

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