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Great Day Out!


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It was a bit of a late start because someone (and I wont mention Syd's name) set their alarm to "pm" instead of "am". :wacko:

Anyway, conditions were beautiful as we trolled down the coast. What a great (late) morning!

Near Marley was a bit crowded. However, a couple of yakkers seemed to be doing okay following the bait schools around.


post-4381-007257000 1292313533_thumb.jpg

post-4381-061733200 1292313673_thumb.jpg

We continued trolling further south, picking up a few tailor and half a dozen bonito. Now that we had some fresh bait, we decided to have a break and have a "lazy" drift for flatties and a cup of coffee. We picked up the odd flathead here and there when, out of the blue, I landed this beauty. :yahoo:

post-4381-012718000 1292313855_thumb.jpg

Here's Syd holding MY flattie

Just like some other reports have said, we had heaps of those baby spiders floating by with their strand of web and landing all over the boat and around our rods. It was one of the strangest things I'd ever seen. The spiders were so tiny (pinhead size) and the web strands were up to 2m long. Really weird!

Syd was very jealous of my flathead and was wondering what he was doing wrong when his rod suddenly buckles. This would be the "equaliser" he said.

post-4381-020245400 1292314061_thumb.jpg

Instead, this is what he brings up ... :074: (Well, I thought it was funny!)

post-4381-056638500 1292314094_thumb.jpg

He didn't even want to play a tune on the banjo!

Later on and my rod bends and the heavy weight made me think I had ray like Syd's ...

... but this wasn't a ray ...

It was this ripper blue spotted flathead! A couple of photos and a rough measure and back she went as she was well over 65cm. (Our unofficial on the boat rule is that any flattie over 65cm goes back) With hindsight, I wished I'd put a drink bottle in the photo so I could enter it in the "catch of the month" competition. We didn't even get an accurate measurement because Syd broke his ruler when he trod on it. Anyway, I was keen to get it back in the water as soon as possible. I reckon it equaled my previous pb of 69cm. It was nearly 15cm across the head.

post-4381-098553300 1292314368_thumb.jpg

Once again here's Syd holding one of MY flathead (I love saying that!)

I picked up another good flattie, and as the afternoon was slipping away, we decided to have a bit of a casual troll back hoping for some more bonito and tailor to fillet and smoke.

Along the way, a little rat king put up a good fight.

post-4381-008246200 1292315679_thumb.jpg

The sun was setting as we continued trolling, picking up a few more bonnies.

post-4381-001828800 1292315771_thumb.jpg

post-4381-075041200 1292315783_thumb.jpg

We were just about to pack up when this big bonito smashed the lure. What a fighter! It was easily the biggest bonito I'd ever caught.

post-4381-098118700 1292315875_thumb.jpg

A beautiful red sky was a fitting backdrop to end a fantastic day on the water.

post-4381-004454700 1292315972_thumb.jpg



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A few more photos …

Here’s Syd holding the bonito. It was 60cm and about 2kg. A new pb for me.

post-4381-002355000 1292318542_thumb.jpg

post-4381-038928100 1292318552_thumb.jpg

And my two flatties …

post-4381-045979700 1292318578_thumb.jpg

I also forgot to mention in the report that my “el cheapo home made lure” actually caught a few bonito.

Mind you, it was made with the finest quality Myer shopping bag plastic!

post-4381-090502100 1292318630_thumb.jpg

The next day, before we cleaned them all, Syd thought I should get a photo of one of the flathead with a drink bottle and put it in "catch of the month".

This is his idea ... it's feeding time :wacko:

post-4381-042300400 1292318718_thumb.jpg

And of course, the usual "table shot" of the final catch.

post-4381-009335200 1292318865_thumb.jpg

The tailor and bonito were smoked and were delicious!

A brilliant day out!



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What an exceptional day on the water, Peter! :yahoo:

What a fantastic feed of quality flathead. You were definitely at the top of your game today :thumbup: Fantastic conditions, success on home-made lures, some XOS flatties and a PB Bonnie ... no wonder you're happy!



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:thumbup: Hi Pete, mate that was another epic tale of fishing splendour. Top fish you guys scored and what a great day it looked..

Congrats on the big flatties and a stonker horsie, along with some great pics, good to see Syd back in the striped shirt..LOL.. :074:

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lovely fish there!

we too were swarmed by the spider plague on sunday whilst feeding the catfish each side of the hawkesbury bridges

must have been literally billions of them

within minutes of casting the rod it would be festooned with dozens of the little critters

seems the fish musta been scared of them we couldnt catch a feed all day

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Are you just using pink xmas skirts ?
Mate that lure worked for the Bonnies hey ?? good work
hahahaha love the lure!

Yeah, we caught about 12 bonito and the one kingy using pink skirts. I only caught 3 on the "homemade" lure before the swivel broke and I lost the lure. :1badmood:

Anyway, the story behind the homemade lure is that a couple of months ago, Syd and I were sitting around one night making a few rigs (and having a few drinks :beersmile: ) when we decided to have a "lure making contest". The only rule was that the lure had to be made with "stuff" we "found".

This was mine (very professional eh! :074: )

post-4381-027964200 1292505142_thumb.jpg

and this "crappy one" made from packing foam and cable ties was Syd's effort :074:

post-4381-005168100 1292505152_thumb.jpg

The winner would be the first one to catch a fish.

Syd didn't even remember to take his lure last Sunday, and that first bonito I hooked meant that I was the winner! :thumbup:

So I challenge all Raiders to try and beat my fantastic effort of catching a fish using a piece of red Myers shopping bag plastic, a bean sinker and some aluminium foil!



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