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PB monstered!


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The boys rang me for a quick arvo flick and it was the first day in ages that I had time(curse you work)So we took off from Bayview at around 4 with an esky full of beer and high hopes. Little did we know what was about to go down.We trolled down through the moorings to stokes point and came up blank, moved on down to our flattie spot and rigged up with pillies and peeled prawn...donut.... The wind was up and we hadn't had a bite except for pickers so it was time to move , we moved around the corner and headed for flint and steel. Dave was driving the boat and pulled up before flint and steel, after much muttering of wtf theres nothing here ive fished this section heaps.Dave then proceeded to tell us this jewie story and there was a hole hereabouts (unconfirmed cos someone stole my sounder during the week) so out went the pillies and prawn again. The squid turned up and we caught one on a gang hook. He was promptly ganged and sent out, only to be smashed by a salmon which in turn engulfed Stevies pillie and swam all around our 3 lines. Getting that undone was a nightmare(thx Dave)So now we are laughing and out went the pillies, no prawns. We were talkin' about jewies and i said that any jewie would be a PB for me. Not 5 minutes later my kingie setup bent over and line started peeling off it, managed to get it out of the holder and let it run for a few sec's and struck. Im on!!.. Well this thing just took off in a straight line, heading for patonga. i can feel the big swish of the tail and I knew straight away that its a jewie and a big'un too. After a few runs I can feel it tiring so I start to haul it in. It didnt struggle too much until it saw the boat and then it went nuts. I played it safe and let the drag off a fraction and after another 5 minutes got it back to the boat. Now we need to gaff this mother, Dave had a couple of swipes at it, got the gaff entangled in my braid and

i thought this is it its gonna break the braid and it will be the one that got away. The fishin' god was on our side and after a couple of swipes he gaffed it and it was in the boat. High 5s all around and this baby was mine...Now that is the way to get your first jewie. Dont know how long or what it weighs and dont care either.. You decide

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Thats a cracker mate great work! :thumbup:

Love the Central Coast mate Patonga dn Broken Bay are very special places for me- I know you'll be going back for more soon... jewie fishing is highly addictive.. def in my top 3 species to catch.



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Basil....Hahahaha,i did go back to that area the next night too...

Morg's ... Yeah a six pack of OP rums

Jewdreamer...My wife has been a fishing widow for a while now..pml

And I just didnt know why people target them, once you eat 'em there is no going back..

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The countdown to my last assignment is ticking down, once its done and handed in im going to smash a jewie i dont care if it takes me 2 days straight, every one is getting them but me.. :( lol congrats mate shes a beaut

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