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Botany Bay King Thursday


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Went to Molineux Point to chase kings today got some yakkas at the end of the wall and moved back up to the point set the yakkas out then cast out a couple bream rods with pilchard heads on 1.0 hooks lost 4 yakkas but no hook ups managed a Bonito on the pilchard but nothing else, as my mate bringing in his he saw a King right behind his bait but it would not hit it so I dropped my pillie down beside it and bingo away it went and went at least 100 yards of 8LB fireline before it slowed and then went again my mate quickly got the anchor in and we chased it ,by now I am thinking this is a good king and I was right about 20 minutes later we landed a 83cm King, my raider bream rod and 2500 stella and 8LB line and 10LB leader had really hung in there, but my right arm was a bit ordinary, By now the westerly was really blowing so we called it a day

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