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Jewie bust offs! Arrggghhh


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Spent 4 hours on the water last capt cook bridge and just an 1.5 before top of tide got a good bite. Nice size soapie jew remembering i had only 4 pound line i let it run where i could, till finally bring it up beside boat. My fisherman measurement by site was about 75cm just about to net him and knew as i was doing it that i should net from the front not his tail sure enough he ran again and snap goes my 4 pound leader.

Ok learn from my mistakes i thought dont get stresssed!!!!

Got another chance on the four pound line didnt get near the boat but he did to nice big runs until once he got close to boat he ran again and you guessed it 4 pound line snapped.

Well hesitant to upgrade to anything more the 15pound, as i had other lines out that werent being touched with heavier trace, gave the 15 pound a go.

This time as the tide was turning on its way out, Again another hit couple nice big runs, but the fish saw structure being a great big dirty pilon. I thouhg i would be smart let the line of and allowed him to run unchored the boat and let it drift out past pilon. Afraid no luck the line must have got caught on the pilon somwhere another good fish gone to light line.

Lesson of the night dont target jew fish on 4 pound line and allways net from the nose so the fish swim in to the net duhhh!!!! lol great night for it though flat as not freezing but cool.

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your not alone mate i was there under the bridger last night as well, till bout 11pm then went to try the third runway before packing up.

while under the bridge I had something big smash my yakka and continue to peel line even with my drag set pretty tight, faced with the dilemma of locking the drag and risking snapping the line, i let the fish run, then i notice its heading straight for the pylon, bang my 25lb main monoline gets shredded, if you heard someone yell out in frustration that was me.

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Thanks cungee i will have to invest in a float for the anchor great idea, i had my revenge last night.

Went back to same spot used 20 pound line and had a mullet as bait cheaky bastard didnt get away this time, done a few good runs buti new i had the gear to pull up safley away from the pylons. 67cm

And netted her from the front this time was very happy other than that just a flattty on a plastic which i wasnt expecting being as cold the water was!

post-14622-068899700 1304896179_thumb.jpg

post-14622-080407900 1304896205_thumb.jpg

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haha well done mate!

I was anchored pretty close to the pylon so even with no anchor fish still woulda most likely made the pylon, guess ill have to find another spot further away dont know what i'll do if i lost another solid fish like that again!

Im thinking of upgrading the line(no braid though just incase as i did notice the mono was all cut up for a couple meters so at least it held up a little braid woulda snapped straight away, and using a couple snelled circle hooks with locked drag next time, that way wont have to worry about stiking or running etc let the fish do the early work then get the fight started..

Oh well im sure ill see you out there this weekend shaggy! im still waiting for my revenge hehe

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Mate 4lbs leader is very game. I too have had some good runs there over the last 3 weeks. I have lost 8 fish over 3 weeks. Have not landed 1 get or even got to see it at the boat. On my last trip last weekend i hooked 2 good fish that smoked me......1st fish ran for a good 90 seconds and i was onto my backing.I was freaking out with this run.Im sure this fish would have been in the 20kg mark.I was using 50lbs leader but this was no match for a screaming fish into structure.........

Jews are going to slow down soon boys. Get out there while you can.

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