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blooding the new Pro Angler

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with the recent purchase of a hobie pro angler, i was itching to get it on the water. Pushing work aside, me and my good mate iMick were destined to berowra waters.

We go to the boat ramp at a chilly 7am and was soon in the water. I was finding it hard to adjust to fishing from a kayak only landing a couple of small bream, after a few hours we pulled up on a sand bar for a bite. After we proceeded to fish the countless snags the hawksbury has to offer, before too long it was 2 ocklock and was getting concerned that the :wife: was gonna be shitty. i was going to suggest calling it a day when mick suggested we move to the other side of the river where the sun wasnt shining, after a quick burst we were there,the tide was dead low and the wind had died right down. i added some S factor to my little 2" soft plastic wriggler, after casts i was wondering what i was doing wrong as mick was way ahead of me in the fish department.... then it happened..

I got a small hit which then took off and my little 1000 with 4lb line started screaming, the fish headed straight out from the shore and passed the front of the hobie, it was heavy and powerful and soon as i felt the head shakes i started thinking it was a sizable jewfish, mick kept reassuring me that i was only on bream gear and i had to take my time otherwise i would have easily pulled the hooks, after about 5 or 10 mins of intense runs and bursts the fish started to tire and mick was quick to hand me the gaff from hes kayak, gaffed through the mouth and in the boat, YOU BEAUTY i was screaming and carrying on.. mick was just as excited as i was.. what a way to break in the new hobie, and what a fish on such light gear.. what an experience. 92 cm and fat... would ya look at that! great team effort

post-13180-005465600 1305450125_thumb.jpg

post-13180-075826200 1305450135_thumb.jpg

post-13180-059138500 1305450144_thumb.jpg

post-13180-036644200 1305450155_thumb.jpg

post-13180-097963100 1305450167_thumb.jpg

post-13180-026668300 1305454072_thumb.jpg

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What a way to blood the yak.

Those PowerBait 2 inch grubs are top shelf. Dead low tide and a shady spot done it again, and boy weren't you lucky it took off to the deeper water.

Can't believe what it done to your jighead.

post-10586-036442900 1305450915_thumb.jpg

You've set the bar way too high for yourself.


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From my wife, my brother in-law, my father in-law, my mother in-law, my mum, my dad,my grandmother, my next door neighbours, my work colleague, and myself... we thank you for such a tasty fish. I just had a slab the size of a leg of lamb and I'm stuffed. Was it worth getting in trouble off the :wife: for making a mess in the kitchen? absolutely!

:beersmile: Mick

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haha thanks again for the comments, and yes will be a hard one to top i think, however this is the second un usual catch on such light gear ive had, last fish was a king. will keep yall posted

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