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Broadbill Swordfish Caught Last Night


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Well where do I start, looking at the weather early in the week Sat night looked the goods to go out and have a yellowfin cube and stay the night to chase the elusive broadbill that we have been talking about for a long time. So down to the boat at 1.30 pm, fuel up and out to browns. Got to the spot we wanted to start our drift and started cubing, reports on the radio were looking good. 30 mins later double hookup and dropped both fish. Spewing but it was early chin up. Kept cubing till dark for zeros. Once dark decided to stop cubing so not to atract sharks and had one surface bait and one broadbill bait down low. 7.00 the surface bait goes of and we landed a 22kg yellowfin, high fives all round, half hour later same rod with another surface bait goes off and we land a yellowfin that goes 35kg. We then get a hit on the bait down low and after a short fight line goes pop and we lose everything. We were all Spewing and cannot repeat what was said, LOL. Pull out another rig and start again. Everthing went quiet for a while till at 9.30 we notice that the deep baited rod is bent over but not taking drag, pick the rod up and back off the drag lever and let it take drag and let what ever was there swollow the bait. After a short run up with the button and we are on. After a 30 min fight we landed this

post-3318-009312000 1309073451_thumb.jpg

post-3318-049905300 1309073535_thumb.jpg

It was screams of joy all round, it had taken us two and a half hours to catch a fish of a lifetime,so off we head back in to get phone coverage to get this fish weighed at SGFC that we estimated was between 50 and 60 kg. On arriving at SGFC at 1.00am in the morning the fish was weighed and went 59.2. What a great night that I will never forget.

post-3318-089584500 1309073981_thumb.jpg

Cheers Silvo - Bentstik

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You are the man!!

I've been chasing your autograph all day :biggrin2: . Was totally exhausted and mentally drained after yesterday's demoralising effort, yet found it impossible to sleep after your inspirational midnight phone call. I've never heard anyone so excited :1yikes: . Should've jumped in the car and come down to the game club for a celebratory drink with you.

A huge congrats to you and the Tanoa team on an unforgettable fish :thumbup::thumbup::yahoo:



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Inspirational stuff Silvo,

Top job for everyone involved, and for turning a pipe dream into a reality within 5 hours of being on the water :thumbup:

Just so you know, I will one day have that red button under my name :1prop:

Love your work !


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Well Done :thumbup: Great capture out of Sydney fish of a lifetime , Did it take a squid bait and were you running any light sticks etc ? Also how worn was the mouth area around the hook ? .

cheers Dogtooth..... :1fishing1: John :beersmile:

Yes John it did take a Squid bait, when Matt pulled it out of the esky I said wheres the barby as that is to good to put on the hook :biggrin2::biggrin2::biggrin2:

Also ran the blue light and the 20 o circle was pinned perfect in the side of the mouth

Cheers Silvo

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Well done Fellas, Great catch..

Saw you fellas on the marina before you left ( Were on Loose Crew, few pens down from you )

Didnt end up heading out from a late one on Saturday.. Will be out there next weekend

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Awesome catch there!

I remember years ago I was on a boat called Nautitax and we got a 57kg b/bill. I still can clearly remember the site of it coming out of the depths and seeing the thick bill breaking the surface for the first time.


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