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2 Stroke Owners


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Hi guys

Just wondering people's opinions on 2 stroke motors. I'm looking for a boat at the moment, and I thought I wanted a 4 stroke because I've heard they are more economical, quieter, better at low speeds, and blow less smoke.

Is there really a major difference, and if a 2nd hand boat came up for sale that had everything you were after in a boat except it was 2 stroke, would you consider that to only be a minor drawback or would it be a deal breaker?

I'm talking in the 50-60hp range if that makes a difference.


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Dont underate 2 strokes on outboards, they are made for it.

Yes 4 strokes are quieter and smoother, but they have to work a lot harder as well, but this is often missunderstood because they are quiet. And with more moving parts are still open to problems.

I wouldnt say one is prodominantly better than the other, they just have different good and bad points. Personall preferance I think.

The new 2 strokes, Etec etc, are just as quiet and fuel efficient as four strokes but with the advantages of being a 2 stroke.

My 50 Etec has been excellent so far.


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Guest hottuna

My allisons fitted with a 115 2 stroke, and althought its got punch for what i do id rather a high tech 2s or 4 s anyday. Rarely turn the sucker off :1yikes:

On the poly craft we have a 50hp efi 4s merc, its the quietest, most fuel efficiant little motor ive had the pleasure of using. Honestly we trolled lyle for 9 hrs and the fuel gauge didn`t budge.

Savings, no fumes, and quite as a mouse. What more could you ask for?

The motor is where the money is, i certainly would NOT by the boat i was looking for if i didn`t have a new generation outboard.

Alot of people are hurting and are unable to sell there bigger boats - why? Old smelly 2s!

my 2 bob


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I recently went through a similar decision making process and passed up a few 2nd hand boats because they had the older style 2 stroke motors. I was keen on getting a 4 after running an 8 HP Yamaha on a 12' tinny. Smooth quiet and no fumes.

After doing a bit more research and pestering boating suppliers I went for an ETEC 75 HP and am very impressed. Run in at the factory, No maintenance for 3 years, NO smoke, quiet, powerful yet economical.

The new High pressure oil injected 2 strokes are great. :1clap:



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I have a 75 hp Yamaha 2 stroke on mine my brother has a 100 hp 4 stroke Yamaha on his other than his being a little quietier on idle they both go hard

The only draw back is the oil mixing on mine :wacko:

But you should see the price he gets charged on service heaps more than mine :1prop:

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I had a decision to make between a 25 2 stroke yammy and a 20 4 stroke honda

Both the same weight at 50 kg. have ordered the Yamaha, 100 to 1 oil mix, can lay it in it's side in the trailer if needed, and more HP for it's weight( 25% more! )

At 100 to 1 oil mix I'm hoping for a lot less smoke and no plug fouling! Though I have trolled for hours with the old 9.8 Merc and never had a plug foul!


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Thanks for your input fellas. Sounds like it really comes down to personal preference. Kind of like holden vs ford.

Got my boat licence today, and I'm all fired up to get a boat now. Hopefully it won't take too long!


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In my case the choice was easy. Taking the boat to very out-of-the-way places meant we needed something that was very lightweight and that I can fix myself if it stuffs up. A carburetted four-stroke would be OK, but would be so much heavier than the two-stroke it would still come up second. The good old oil burner was the clear choice. Fuel injected four-strokes you can keep, thanks very much. Having the electronics self-destruct in a car is just a bloody pest...offshore in the Gulf of Carpentaria it would be life-threatening.

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Tim The choice tends to come down to your own personal needs , frequency or distance being traveled & $$$$$$$ available to spend

I purchased a new rig with a 70hp 2s approx 18 months ago & very pleased with the choice.

Economy , On an average outing I use approx 1lt / mile. A friend has the same boat but with a 60hp 4s. Average fuel .750lt / mile. For me the additional fuel is minor as I onlly travel short distances.

Also , when buying the boat the 4s was $675.00 more expensive & the service costs are higher.

Noise. Most comments on noise come from camparing old 2s with new 4s & 4s wins every time.

I tested new 60 4s & 70 2s & the difference was hardly noticable

Smoke. Yes , 2s do blow smoke. It would be nice if they did not & that is one of the big pluses for 4s & E-Tec . Unfortunatly the alternative motors come at a high cost

Hope this helps


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ive only had 2 strokes in the past and i thought with my new boat id keep that plan,but after speaking to a number of boat owners,mechanics and reps i decided on getting a four stroke for a number of reasons-1-can actully hear people when moving without shouting,2-with petrol the price as it is, you save after the initial outlay after a year of good use,3-no more messy mixs and finally so ive heard,better relability and easier to maintain your self(so ive heard).So in keeping with two stroke power range i decided to get the yamaha 60 four stroke with high thrust.

this is the quietest motor ive ever heard and uses less fuel than my old johnson (98 MODEL)15 hp 2 stroke with twice the mileage.

definatly go for the four stroke,its a bit more to start with and the services are a bit more but youll save that money in no time with the fuel bills with good use. :thumbup:

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