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Good result from test run in the Hawksbury


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Had not taken the boat out for a while for a few different reasons so thought I had better give it a run before taking it to Nelsons bay in a few weeks.

Launched at Berowra ramp about 2pm with 4 witches hats, 4 very old trevally frames, and 6 prawns as well as a late picnic lunch.

The motor blew a bit of smoke at first but seemed to then run OK so went a bit past Bar point to set the hats on the 3m bank in the middle of the river before anchoring on the bend to have lunch. The run was too strong to get to the bottom but eased off around 3pm.

Decided to check the hats and got several very large male blue swimmers so reset the hats and threw the line over to drift for another 20 minutes.

Managed 1 40cm flathead and then picked up the hats for a total of 6 very large blue swimmers.

post-3961-067090600 1357812824_thumb.jpg

Just finished a nice meal of crab followed by a nice fillet of flathead.

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There has been some good catch's of blue swimmers over the last couple of weeks with a few big muddies. I seen one guy who had a couple of blues but also had one of the biggest muddies I have seen for quite awhile, and he caught in a witches hat. Nice bloke told me where he had the trap set so I will be putting a mud crab trap there one day this week, hoping that there is another one in that area.

Regards Jeff

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