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Land based in Sydney Harbour


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Fished the harbour land based at one of my regular spots east of the bridge. Not a ferry or plank of wood or jetty rat in sight too! (Its nice to find little spots that you're not always wondering if there's gonna be someone else fishing it already). A good high tide at dusk and had 2 week old vac frozen squid for bait. Interesting mixed bag and first flounder on squid. The whiting fought very well and measured 42cm. Both the whiting and flounder were caught on squid baited for jews (snelled rigs - size 5 octopus hooks).


I was packing up and had a squid strip out under a float - hoping for a king. Instead of a king a 43cm bream smashed it. Didn't even realised I had hooked up until I went to reel in the float but then couldn't see it.


A great mix of fish and all on squid. My recent jewies seem to be around the 55-65cm size. Do guys reckon some spots only hold this size? It has produced a couple around 70-80cm but these are rare. This one area I've fished only seem to have this size. Any thoughts guys? Do other spots consistently produce bigger jews?

Still aiming for the single session of a land based jew and legal king quinella!

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Great work buddy!

With the big jews,.....yes they are few and far between... thats why they are such a treasured catch.

Big guys tend ti be further down stream and outside.

Big guys,,,,big baits or really large minnows on an outgoing flood tide are your best chance.

Have a go big time!


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