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Jewfish at Berowra Waters

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Hi everyone!

Long time reader of this forum here, just thought I might share my recent experience at Berowra Waters with you all. I have gained plenty of tips from this forum since starting fishing a few months ago, and felt like it's time to give back with some tips and intel of my own. 

I have been sussing out the Berowra Waters area for a little bit now, and gave it a go a few weeks back at the marina (west) side along the wooden boardwalk that runs next to the road to the ferry. I caught 1 bream using chicken breast as bait, and that was it. I was getting heaps of snags so I ended up leaving after a little while. Today however, I decided to try fishing from the jump-rock (as it would be wayyy too cold to be swimming there so I'd have the place to myself) on the eastern side of the creek, and OMG, it was a fantastic spot. I spent about 2 hours there before I had to leave for a commitment I had, but in that time I caught 3 nice Jewfish ranging from 35cm to 56cm! I've attached photos below. I was using hawkesbury prawn as bait, as I have had success with that bait at a few other places recently. It was a bit difficult to bring the fish all the way up the cliff, and the wind made it challenging to keep the lines tight. 

Are these good Jewfish? I'd love to hear your stories and experiences around that area too.


original_aba5f2fb-b000-4a5d-9062-db7a9783d032_PXL_20230901_075514775 (1).jpg

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Please be aware of legal size limits. My experience, if you’re getting snagged all the time, you are using too big a sinker and/or casting way out over heavy reef. Fresh (or even better local live bait) will out fish things like Chicken every time.

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