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Looking for marlin, found a tree


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Hi All

Went out yesterday in search of blue water and blue marlin, after a couple of laps of the wide fad and no joy, pointed the boat east. After I hit the 170m mark and heard a mention on the radio from game boat Mololo picking up small YFT in 170m in line with Browns. A quick look to more port side about 2km away I see birds working with 1 boat in sight, spread comes in and flat stick over there. I put the spread out before I get to the birds and see tuna busting up everywhere. Had some fun for about 30minutes picking small stripes and yellows. Then we spot it, a huge tree with only it's trunk bobbing out. First pass we get a YFT and a massive 1.2m+ Dolly follows it up, second pass same again, third time we have a soft plastic ready but not interested so we continue catch a small dollies and YFT each time we pass. Another small boat joins the fun after an hour and we point the log out to him and the massive bull under it. He drops a yakka and boom, 40 minutes later in the boat then came over to show us a fish that would of measured 1.5m. He was kind enough to throw 2 livies my way which results in 2 dollies but the big ones just were not happening. Such an awesome day but so frustrating seeing big fish next to boat but not on the bite (for me). Tried poppers, stick shads, bibbed laser pro, strips of stripe tuna, jet head christmas trees and small pushers. Pick of the lures on the day with more than half the strikes was the $4.50 christmas tree. P.S anyone on 21 will know I did broadcast the location of the tree after we were done for the day around 2pm. Hopefully that will be returned one day but I won't hold my breathe


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Hi kitto

The other small boat was us ...should have guessed you were a raider lol

It was only luck that we came out on Saturday as the plan was to just take the boat for a run in the Bay after some repairs.Had a look out side and decided we may as well run out to the fad and have a look..as we were there anyway and found it dead as you did.Decided to head up north to some traps we had marked earlier and see what was going on,as we got closer could see 2 boats and birds and thought here we go this looks better,

Caught a few jellybean yellowfin and and saw you wave us over and generously told us about the Dollies under the tree ,so we had to go and have a look. Pulled up at the tree that was huge and mostly under water to see a monster dollie swim right past us,two livies rapidly hit the water for all of 15 seconds before a huge dollie jumps out 20 metres from us..unfortunately for me it wasnt on my livie ^_^

He put up a real fight ,lots of jumping and was by far the hardest fight I have seen from a dolphinfish,finally pinned him with the gaff ,tail roped him and dragged him on board.Had a celebration drink and headed back over to say thanks and show him off :D

Did not measure him but he weighed in at 18.9 kgs :thumbup:




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Looks like I may have overestimated the size of that fish looks a bit smaller up close, still big for a dolly of Sydney. Looks around the same size as the ones chasing up the YFT to the boat. Thanks again for the livies and get a 4 stroke that boat is using double the fuel I am.

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