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Topwater flick at Clontarf flats


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Sorry for the late report.

I went out for a quick flick Monday morning down at clontarf. I was hoping for some topwater whiting. I got there about 2 hour after low as the tide was filling in. Unfortunately only the little guys wanted to play. So nothing to talk about.

While in the flats, behind me a jumping mullet got my attention. It was hurtling across the surface. At first I thought it was chasing some food but soon noticed about 5 dark shadows chasing it. Mind you it was in about foot of water but I couldn't make them out. They were about 60cm and dark so maybe Salmon or Tailor. So as they scream off to deep water I cast off my stiffy popper and it gets whacked...literally. So much so it gets launched. It's like the fish took a swipe at it and missed and as it returned to the water it flicked it with it's tail and displaced my lure about a metre away. I continued to cast for naught. I'm not sure how I would have gone on 4lb nanofil anyway. Soon after that a small bust up happened about 20 metres away in the drop off. I cast at the edge and got smashed on first pop. I pulled in a tailor about 25 cm. I caught a few more before that moved on due to a cormorant getting stuck into them.

So not what I planed but tailor on poppers was a first for me. So that's a bonus.

Any tips how to get the bigger whiting to get on the bite if they are uninterested??

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Absolute haunting of rays there too. If you tread in the water be careful. Most of the times they get out of the way but those ugly electric rays don't like to move. It would have been epic to see that salmon kick out of the water like that.

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