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Hey guys

The other day I had some blue swimmer and it was lovely! Since then I have been obssessed with catching my own crabs. Only problem is I'm land based and dont know a whole heap about how to catch them.

If you guys could give me some tips about locations, traps or bait it would much appreciated

Thanks guys!

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Many years ago we used to wade the shallow flats and weed beds at night in both Port Hacking and Botany Bay towing a galvanised baby's bath behind us. The bath held a car or motorbike battery that was used to power a powerful hand held spotlight.

We used a wire net made from 50mm mesh chicken wire, about 500 diameter and approx 400 deep and a wooden handle about 1800 long. Using the spotlight we would locate a crab then place the net on the bottom to the side of the crab (they run sideways) and stamp our foot as close as we could get to the crab which caused them to scuttle sideways into the net.

A quick lift of the net and dump them in the bath. They move very fast and can get out of the net if you are not quick enough. We used to get a lot of crabs that way.

Don't know if it is still legal but it is certainly very effective and a lot of fun. Should also be able to catch some at La Perouse or the flats along the container drive.

Good luck, please post details if you do try this method, would be a trip down memory lane for me.



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