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Cabarita PB Bream


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Hello Raiders,

New to fishing (And loving it) and posting.

Fishing in a wharf in Cabarita on a friends boat using prawns and a really light set up. (picked that up that lingo from here... Don't really know much about what I'm using...yet).

Got a crap load of small breams, tailors and snappers before I landed this beautiful 40cm creature. I think I'm in love... With fishing that is.

I'm free most weekends and Mondays provided the missus lets me out if anyone wants to teach me. I have my own gear and a car, based in Southwest Sydney and willing to drive anywhere within 2 hours of it. :fishing1:

Thank you fellow raiders.



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Thank you for the warm welcome gentlemen.

nice work mate

I'm in cabra now too

Usually go when the missus lets me out as well but been pretty busy lately with wedding in a few weeks so been hitting the local area landbased

No worries buddy, I'll PM you my mobile.

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