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First jewfish - central cost

fish fiend

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Fishing into the last hour from peak tide on a full moon wasn't catching much other than salmon and tailors on pilchard. So i decided to switch baits after managing to catch a small tailor. i threw a filet of the tailor and waited until i got a massive hit which almost broke my rod but did have its toll on my rod holder.. it proply had good 3 20-25 meter runs, then pretty much came in with dead weight.

After 1 year of targeting jewfish, i finally nailed my first jewfish!. it weighed in at 8.2 kg (after i bleed it) and 1.02cm in length.

guess this means i still chasing the 10KG! :-rolleyes


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Great work there mate! A meter plus Jew is a prized scalp and not something you capture everyday! Where abouts were you fishing? Because the weather today on the central coast was horrendous!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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i got it on the last full moon, just ran out of time to post it up.

yeah weather isn't been the best considering the rain and alot of weed on the beaches.

we also managed to hook up to some massive bronzies, anyone know the deal with the taste wise?
all broke us off on the last wave and some we could even stop even when we were using 60lb main lines...

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