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Anyone use mullet strips for bream?


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buy them from the seafood shop whole for about 6.50 a kilo. mullet gut is gun and you can use the flesh as well

thanks mate have you used them as strips before and any particular mullet i should buy? or is it just called sea mullet?

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When the mullet are running in the estuaries, sometimes the bream will only go for the mullet. If that's the case a whole sea mullet

could serve you well. In Berowra, Where I usually fish that is usually late April-May. if you are fishing for bream try chicken breast if the water is relatively clear? If the water is dirty I usually do very nicely on chicken gut.


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Mullet strips are famous in Forster for bait fishos - specially using hand lines. They let the unweighted strip waft down the incoming tide ..... in the leases ...... and just hang on for a massive blue nose to grab it!! Using rods, it takes longer to register the 'hit' and are often broken off!

Handlines are the way to go in snaggy territory with bait, I reckon!! Up here, anyway!! :D


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use mullet all the time around leases no sinker bigist i have caught was 45cm in 3 foot of water.some of the older guys that i used to fish with used big lumps of mullet and 30lb hand lines never lost 1 were me 8ft ugly stick 4500 bait runner 20lb line hookem plain them up to the top if not into the oysters they go.saidly the leases are gone now must try that spot again as the rocks are still there. nice flattys as well as a by catch.THOSE WERE THE DAYS


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