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Ulladulla flatties


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Great session last week with my nephews chasing flathead off Ulladulla. The big fella in the photo managed to get tangled up with his brother half way up on a hook up. While we sort that out his flatty had a visit from a shark. 46cm flatty, I told him it didn't count because he didn't bring it all in ; )

Got carted the next day by a monster king (I think). Stocking up on live bait off a headland when a big kingy came nosing around the burley trail / bait school at the back of the boat, he was over 1m long (no really, I haven't started to exaggerate this story yet). Dropped a livey over then 5 minutes later it got smashed. 5 minute argument then he got off. Bad prep was the issue, braid with very short leader and therefore no shock absorption and an undersized circle hook that ended up bent to 45 deg out.

Lessons learned, made up new Kingy leaders and upsized the hooks!

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Try the Kingie ground out from the harbour 35 25 21.2 150 32 17.4 The inside edge rises to 58 from 75 M.

Great for Kingies but have also caught some big Snapper there with live bait.

I often fish inside Burrill rocks for Flathead, if you can get a drift try working your way in from the rocks until you find the depth that they are at. Wide of the rocks in deeper water is also worth trying.

Another spot is Bannister Peak rises to 35 M from 40 M. 35 19 06.6 150 31 14.9

Hope this helps



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Allen, GPS is in the boat and I am away. Rule of thumb for flatties near the harbour is around 40 - 50m mark, line up the lighthouse and pigeon house mountain and you have the northern end. I have drifted south for some km and still caught all the way through. Just North of the spot i describe is not so good but I have seen boats doing the flatty drift a km or so north, an option to check out another day.

FYI, unlike the BBay flatty grounds there are masses of baitfish smashing your bait/plastics. The latter gets expensive. The trade off is the size of the fish which has so far been way better than the Bay.

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