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Swordies score dollies on SWF

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Headed up to Port Stephens this weekend for some well earned r and r. We stayed at the Shoal Bay Resort and spa and had a nice apartment right on the beach. On Friday night we had a lovely seafood buffet included in our accom package. Over a wine with dinner we discussed our plan for the next day.

Many of you may remember that I had a cardiac arrest exactly 4 years ago and if swordie was not accomplished at giving effective CPR I would not be here! So this was a sort of 4th birthday celebration :)

We were lucky enough to find out that Reef Magic had Saturday available for a charter. We asked a few friends to join us but they all had other commitments. We also hoped to catch up with Scratchie but he didn't have any time free to see us :( so we went alone.

My main aim was to complete a hat trick of marlins and catch a blue to go with my blacks and stripes. Swordie had brought along his 9wt saltwater flyrod hoping to catch a dollie and create a new fishraider record, as you do.

We woke up early and the resort people had a box with our breakfast and some fruit and juice, great service. Headed out on a beautiful day with excellent conditions in anticipation of scoring a big blue or black marlin. Stopped at the live bait grounds and grabbed a tank full of small slimies and zoomed around the little island and picked up 4 nice sized skip bait bonnies.

We headed out towards the 350 fathom line but on the way out the blue water temp jumped from 21 to 25 degrees so we commenced trolling. Now for the wait and we trolled and trolled and waited and waited. Radio reports told of 4 hook ups on big blue marlin not far from our location. We saw a huge free jumper but alas it wasn't our day and not for the lack of trying. Mike and Damo tried every trick in the book even skip baiting the fresh bonito with no lookers.

We pulled the pin at around 4pm and headed back to the FAD'S and fish traps hoping to get swordie his dollie on fly. At the outer FAD the current was raging almost pulling the buoy under the water and difficult to fly fish with the wind and current. So we decided to try the fish traps in closer.

After a few tries swordie finally gets a hit and misses it grrrrrrrrrrr @%$$@%^&. A few more casts and he was on and caught a nice 60cm dollie and although no monster it was a new fishraider record for the species on fly and a first for Stewy. I had a go and also caught one on fly and several others live slimies and what a buzz it was.

A pleasant day was had by us. It was beautiful out on the sea and we were entertained by pods of dolphins beside us and Damo took a fabulous Go Pro video of them from the bow sprit where they were surfing the waves. Lunch was delicious and thanks to Captain Mike and Damian for looking after us so well.

Here is the moment of glory





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I'm so glad you guys had a great weekend away!

By the sound of stewys smooching, you wouldn't want to catch up with me anyway!

Well done on the dollies guys and the fly record stewy! Bad luck on the beaks and your right about the boys on reef magic, they're gold!

At least you guys got to fish and the weather was magnificent. Family commitments had me stranded and I didn't even manage to fish the pirtek!

Really glad you enjoyed gods country!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Yeh easy but they are only smallish dollies but I did use a sporting 30lb tippet :074: I would have loved to really test it on a bull

Wonder how I would go on the 7wt hehe. I don't own a 9. Might have to invest in a few Charlie's and clousers too.

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