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Georges Jewfish in a yak on SP


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hey raiders,

Well this one has been coming for a while. I started my quest for a jewie around a year ago and only just purchased a setup to seriously target them, I must have read the JEWFISH TACTICS from start to finnish about a million times.

I packed all the stuff into the ute this morning fresh after giving my reels a minor service yesterday and so I was feeling good, the weather report on the other hand was a bit blowy so I was trying to think of places to get out of the wind.

I was ready to fish bait or SP so I guess I would just decide when I got on the water.

I was on the water around 810 and the wind was only just bare able when I was able to get behind some structure to block it.

I initially decided to put the anchor out and hang back from the structure and cast my SP's out towards it or beside it.

after snagging three times and re rigging I decided to pull anchor and drift around a bit using the double hop method I was working the base of the structure going from one piece of structure to the next.

after about one hour I casted my SP right up next to this wall and let it sink down gave it one double hop and then when i went for the next one I thought oh great Iv snagged myself again and then ZZZZZZZZZZZ and massive head shakes I was thinking holly crap have I actually hooked one????? yeh Im pretty sure I have.

Ok now i just gotta get it in the net so I got the net ready and sat it on my lap. as I was fighting it i could feel like a grinding action and I thought there might be some rocks below me and by now my adrenaline was through the roof I was talking myself through what I was doing when i got my first glimpse of the fish I was first of all glad it was a Jew and glad I had hooked it on my 4-7 kg rod and not the 2-5 that I was using earlier.

when it got to the surface it wasn't ready to go in the net and took another run the second time i got it up I still couldn't believe I had hooked one

and then came the first real attempt to get it in the net I lifted my rod tip up and his head came out of the water and he didn't like that either so went for another run, by this time i had figured out what the grinding was it was the leader rubbing on its teeth.

I calmed myself down and thought through what I was going to do….. I got him to the surface again and grabbed the trace, opened the bail arm, put the rod in its holder, lead the trace and the fish into the net (which didn't fit) and lifted it onto my lap.

I can't explain how happy I was. I was so stoked.

my next thought was ok I need a picture, geez I wonder if its legal its gonna be close…… close wasn't the word!!!!!!

so I put him in my keeper net and attached it to the yak and paddled to the nearest piece of land that I could stand on and get some decent pics

I beached the yak and got the brag mat and laid it down.post-30272-0-88654000-1399524495_thumb.jpg

I s#@t you not it was 69.9cm which Im sure if I was pulled up I would of been able to stretch it the last bit, but that wasn't the point I couldn't do it so I netted it again and by this time the wind had picked up and the chop was washing into the yak and I was soaked from head to toe I paddled over to near where I caught him because the water that was washing up on the beach was dirty as, he was now full of life so i lifted him out of the net and layed it on my lap and grabbed my long nose pliers and struggled to get the jig and SP back but did so and then layed him back in the water and he took off as faster than I could believe and I felt like I had made a mistake but I know I had done the right thing.

I can't wait to catch my next one !!!!!!

I was using one of the Squidgy 100mm fish in the dark colour with the speckles in it.

1/4 TT headlock jighead

30lb leader

22 lb main line ( which I think I might go to 30 lb)

4-7 kg rod

4000 diawa reel

the tide was at it lowest point right at the turn of the tide.

I was fishing the lower George's







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Great report, and what an epic fish.

Sorry about it falling just short of being legal but hey I am sure it was a great feeling regardless.

Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk

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Mate that was an awesome report and very well done! My aim at the moment is identical, pull a ghost from the yak or LB thanks for the info on your setup always good to hear other peoples tackle for chasing them. Great work on the release too love an honest fisho, 69.9! Thats brutal haha!

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Congrats...nice story and good on you for the release. Pity is now that you will now be obsessed and addicted and will waste countless hours chasing them. I caught one on SP very first time i tried and after thousands of casts since I realise what an achievement it is so enjoy it.

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