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PB bream


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Went out for a quick session before work with a mate. We got to the our spot around 530 quickly work the squid jig got couple of squids in about 15 min. There was couple of fisho fishing for tailor using pilchards with float through the night they got about 5 or 6 of them all good size, so as the sun's up we changed our tactic to spinning (rapala xrap xr12 and metal slice) with result in only 1 tailor. The other fisherman packed up around 7 and left, we relocated to their spot soon after but without any succeed. After a while my mate sworn to me that he saw couple of silver/yellowish body under the water, we change our gear again and turn out to be a great decision. Arm with strip of squid and left over pilly from the other guys this is what we caught, included 1 of my PB bream just shy of 44cm 1.5kg



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They are some fine bream there. Great work on figuring out the situation and improvising on a decent bag. Also 44cm is a great size for a bream, they put up a great fight at that stage and are lots of fun. Congrats on your new PB... It is well deserved by reading your report.


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