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Bluelabel heading out Tuesday for tuna !


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briso and Ylwfin, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share any details of your trip off J.B as a mate and I maybe heading out of there on Thursday arvo weather permitting.

Good luck everyone


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Heading out too guys on Tuesday, we usually start from browns. We have been ruining hard bodies laser pros and a skirt. What is the general feeling for fin yellow or blue skirts or hard bodies?

I think if they are there most types of lures should be the go.


Bob & Robbie

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Weather doesn't look the best for tomorrow.

Depends what boat you have to how easy you get sick

Seabreeze is saying highest 1.2m and no more than 15knots

I don't have a boat but I've heard some guys say 1m is the average they go in

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We are happy to share any info we get.

Sharing is caring and it is a big ocean out there.

One thing I will say if u do get gps marks over the radio.

Think about who gave them marks to u and how close u go to them.

I seen peoples fish ran over and that's not very nice after giving everybody the GPS marks over the radio.

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We went east of the south canyons about 15nm found a temp break from 17.3 to 16.3 worked that and got one jellybean YFT but dropped it boat side keeped trolling all day covered 160kms slow day but all in all a good one

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