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Band of Raiders -YFT


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Well what a week it's been. Wednesday proved to be quiet fruitless and disappointing however all was forgotten after todays action wide off Sydney. What started off as a wet morning and crew whom by the way are still fishing the hairtail social ended up being a great afternoon with my first yellowfin at an estimated 45kg caught after a 58 min battle. The plan was to fish north of Heatons, after 6 hours of trolling with only an albacore to show for our efforts the decision was made to troll to browns and drop for some gemies. The tide was on the turn and Scratchie had this feeling that something was bound to happen. Within mins a couple of free jumping fins were spotted and spirits soared. 15 mins went past with no strikes. We were about to pull up stumps when the sweet sound a tiagra 50 ratchet started screaming. Scratchie set the hook whilst I got into the game chair ready for the fight.From here on in it was a team effort by all raiders on board,Captain GH1952 with his precise driving skills, Ian Bat with the flying gaff and Trout Stalker ready to grab the leader and hold on for dear life. The fight seemed to go for ages and the muscles were aching however it became a fight of will vs power.With every ft gained the fish would take 2 and the more the fight went on the more worried I got that something would fail but it wasnt to be and with a grab of the leader by Trout Stalker a precise flying gaff shot by Ian Bat followed by Scratchie the fish was ours for the taking. I cannot thank the boys enough for their efforts and opportunity. Special thanks goes to Scratchie for the invite, GH1952 for allowing me onboard, Ian Bat and Trout Stalker for your help and Fishraider for providing a metwork to meet people passionate about their fishing.A team effort landed us a great team reward. Thankyou once more. I know what Scratchie and Trout Stalker will be having for dinner tonight at the social. Cheers guys and goodluck



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Vic, first of all congrats on a well fought and deserved fish of a lifetime!

I think what made it special for us band of raiders was the fact that other than the driver Gerry, we were all very inexperienced to gamefishing!

But we all come together for that common goal.

It was the best beer on the scenic ride home I've had in a while!

Congrats again,

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Trout Stalker, never took his eyes of the line, he'd stripped down ready to swim after it if necessary!

And Gerry was as grateful as any on board. On the way out he mentioned (tongue in cheek, of course) that he had told the guys at Gamefishing Boats the night before, that if he came back finless again, then there was going to be a note under their day to list his boat!

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Just like to thank scratchie, Ian, trout stalker and vo2c88 for a great day out

We worked pretty hard for that fish and in the end it all came together

Really enjoyed everybody's company and you are all more than welcome back on board any time

The company was great and it was made all the better when we got the fish

Cheers gerry

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First of all I would like to thank Gerry for the opportunity to go out on his boat and have a crack at my first fin. I would also like to thank Scratchie for the invite. All of you guys were a pleasure to fish with and I look forward to having another go again sometime to have a crack at one on the end of my line. It was a gray day out and I loved every minute. You all made me a very happy stalker.

Here is another photo of the fin with yours truly. Twas a cracker of a fish.


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Mate I'm still buzzing cant wait for another session. Ended up buying a gimble and harness today in hope of catching one on my boat "Plan B". Dw it'll come when least expected but you just got to put in the hours on the water.



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