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Port stephens bass!


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G'day raiders,

Just a quick report because of the size of the guppie but I dusted off the yak this arvo and managed to get out for a flick with my mate. He landed one bass and I picked up a tiddler but yes you heard right, there are bass in port stephens!


My mate says they get much bigger than that, can't wait but at least I know they're there!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Locals know where they are, so considering you've just bought a property up here, I'll let you know in a year when your a true local. Lol

Ha ha! I can wait that long. I have lots of exploring to do around Port anyway! I was hoping to bring the boat up in November while the missus is o/s but I've had a week off work sick, with more odd days to come, no doubt, so probably can't swing the time off that I'd hoped. Hopefully, I can swing a weekend soon.


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Well done mate, you done better than me yesterday. I went for my first flick for the season and lost 4 lures and didn't catch a thing. Absolutely disgraceful effort by me!

To be honest lost one lure. Second cast and could not get it out of the tree!
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