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Hope all raiders enjoy their day on the Biggest Grand final in league history.

Whether you go for the doggies or the bunnies it will be a great match.

There is a lot of ugliness in our world right now so let's have a day of being real Aussies and enjoy the footy with your families and friends at your backyard barbies and parties.

Guess who mrsswordie is going for :clapping: .

Attached will be swordie's effort later - um he follows the Bulldogs :1fish::04::1giveup:




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Wow what a game

Some big tackles

Some great runs

And some great tries

Luckily enough were in Jindabyne so we went down the stairs to the pub for dinner

Well done to Sam burgess

He was great after he broke his cheek bone or something on the first tackle

Good way to break a 43 year drought

Well done to bulldogs to for there progress too

Cheers Gianni

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This was the only game of league I watched this year all the way through. Mainly because I was so confident Souths would win. So much so, that I predicted Souths by 20, with a 26-6 scoreline. but Inglis mucked me up with his great try on the bell.

Most of the big TV games I tuned into this year, I had to turn off if the team I was barracking for was trailing, or just playing badly. I know, it's a bit wierd, but that's how I am. It's also a good indication of how closely matched most of the teams are today.

Superleague had a lot to do with that. It was a double edged sword. On the one hand, it was the most vicious corperate takeover in it's execution. But it has finally evolved rugby league into something that the organisers envisaged. It wound up saving Rugby League in Australia.

Much of my youth I supported St. George. But since the Superleague fiasco dust had settled, I decided to support Rugby League and just follow Saints. That's a much better position to be in, because I tend to watch more games now and enjoy league more.

And so I come back to last night's Grand Final. It was a fantastic battle for much of the match. It probably won't go down as a classic, but with South's return to the winner's podium after 43 years, and the sterling performance of the Bulldogs to even get to the Grand Final, it will long be remembered. The couple of late tries to Souths tend to give lie to the toughness of the game. But the win was no less deserved. I think a few controversial things will come out of this game over the next few days, but that's another story.

There's an old saying that if Saints and / or Saints are doing well, Rugby League is doing well. I think that's still true today.

Well done Bunnies. You've earned your celebrations.

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What a game? Brutal hit ups, great tackles and some awesome tries. Glued to the TV the whole time including the presentation and lap of honour.

As a Cronulla supporter we don't have much to celebrate this year but loved the fact that the bunnies came out of the wilderness at last. Maybe it will be our turn some time in the future.

As Russel Crowe mentioned the Americans cannot believe the ferocity of our game. Beats the heck out of their padded up stop start Grid Iron. Be great if someone could arrange a couple of exhibition games where the Yanks (wearing their gear) play us at League and we play them in our gear at Grid Iron.

Now that would be worth watching as our boys outrun and out side step the big fellas with their layers of protection.



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It would never happen. The yanks can't stand to be seen as second best. End of story!

And Cronulla? This Dragon follower would love to see the Sharks take home a very much overdue Grand Final victory. (Just not against Saints.)

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