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Dolans Bay luderick


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Hi everyone,

My first post on fishraider but have enjoyed reading other's posts and have learnt a lot.

I have just started fishing for luderick in the past couple of months and am totally addicted now. I'm new to fishing altogether, having just been put onto its joys last year by my mate.

Yesterday I went down to Wally's Wharf in Dolans Bay and spent the late morning and early afternoon on the wharf drifting. It was really busy with boats coming and going off the ramp but was able to still fish a lot. It was quiet going for most of the time but managed to land a 37cm fish which put up a nice little fight.

The downs were just picking up around 1.30 when, of course, I had to leave.

Was using weed from Cronulla and burleying with sand/weed/bread mixture. 7'3" rod with 2500 spinning reel, 9lb leader and braid (not sure what weight).

Hoping to get out again tomorrow to bring home some more. Picture attached of gutted and scaled fish.



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Nice fish and a good post.

Back in the 1950's boats used to moor in a line running out from shore about 50 M South from Shiprock. (not far from Wally's Wharf) That was the hotspot for catching Blackfish at that time. A typical day could see up to 5-6 boats moored this way.

The old time fishos used a lot of Burley (chopped up weed mixed in sand)and caught heaps of fish. particularly on the run in tides.

At one time I was allowed to park my aluminium belly tank canoe (from a flying boat) in between two clinker rowing boats. The fishos were very kind and showed me a lot. I ended up catching a big Blackfish that had a large amount of weed wrapped around it which hid it from sight. Everyone got a big surprise when they saw the big fish that the 12 YO kid had caught.

The best part was that the fish was caught on a short rod made for me from a steel Fencing Foil by a neighbour. Everyone else used split cane rods. I wonder how many Raiders have ever seen rods like that?

Sorry to rabbit on but your post brought back a lot of great memories for me.



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