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First Kingfish


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Always been an 'up the river' flathead, whiting & bream fisho..................but, living in Avalon and hearing reports of kingfish in Pittwater I figured it was time for me and my 8 year old son to act like men and chase a real fish!

Have been improving the squid form in recent years but only managed one in hour at West Head on Saturday morning.

Came back into Careel Bay and saw something going on on the surface...........something I will never forget. The patch was the size of a football field, they were kingies, and they were rolling and boiling on the surface. Great news...........no birds, so only one other boat with 2 fly fishermen found the school. I forgot about the squid and threw lure after lure at them.............halco blades, gold bombers, stickbaits, soft plastics............nothing. But for half an hour they stayed there moving slowly north and with just one other boat.

Finally I got the squid going on a rig with a big hook and a treble stinger..................awkwardly cast it towards the school with a clunky old overhead combo, and gave the rod to my son.

After 5 minutes, the school started closing towards our boat. I saw 20 fish up close and 2 of them were definately around the 1 metre mark after factoring in water making things look bigger. "Hang on mate.....this is it".........bang!

Sorry to take so long to tell you about one 74cm kingie, but it was our first and I'm still buzzing!!!!

The kingies were feeding on what I would call glass-eyes.................small translucent fish with big eyes. My soft plastic was a pretty good match I reckon.

In hindsight, the only artificial we didn't try that may have worked was a popper??


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There is something very exciting about being caught up in a fish boil. The rapid changing of lures, the numerous casts and the hopes of a hookup. It is something your 8 year old will remember for many years to come and the thought that he was out there with his Dad in amongst it all.

You had a great day on the water.


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Well done on your first ever king!!! :banana: What a shame you didn't have a few more squid in the tank or a few livies. They can be real picky when they are schooling and in that frenzy mode. Actually they are fussy all the time except for the little ones!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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