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Friday 31st October - Sydney Harbour


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Hi Raiders,

Headed out this morning into the harbour and went straight over to Camp Cove to look for a few squid for fresh kingie bait.

This spot usually produces reasonably well but I struck out and gave up after an hour or so and went out to chase the salmon of north head.

As usual there were massive boils of salmon but this time I had packed the fly rod and a selection of likely flies. I was ready except for one important factor, the reel, which is normally left attached to the rod and fits in the custom rod case was not there.

It was in my bag along with my phone , gopro and my lunch.

Hang on I thought, I know I put that bag on the back of the boat before I took the boat cover off early this morning.

Hmm... I didn't put it in the boat after I took the cover off... I left it on the transom.

Bugger... Its fallen off the back on the way to the ramp!

Ouch! I'm up for a new phone , GoPro, fly reel and I am going to have to go hungry!

So what else do you do in this situation but continue to fish.

I threw all sorts of lures at the salmon and after about 20 lure changes and 20 gazillion casts I jagged on one a metal slug and had a bit fun for the next 10 minutes until in an desperate last bid aerial he threw the hooks.

I took a run out to the artificial reef and was surprised to see a commercial fishing vessel netting right next to the reef.

I couldn't remember the rules for how far away from commercial fishing vessels you were supposed to be when they had nets out so I just bottom bounced for a while.

For some reason I thought this was a recreational fishing resource...not sure why I thought that.

After a while I wend back into the harbour and checked out all the markers but none appeared to holding any kings so I stopped near Neilsen Park and drifted back towards Rose bay on the tide and picked up a flathead of about 60 cm and a few keeper Trevs( no pics sorry for reasons already explained).

Water temp was 19.8 and there was not a lot of bait around. The tide was not ideal. Should be better next week.

Went home early and just as I put the boat back in driveway I noticed bag was tucked away behind the lattice on the verandah... some honest and considerate person had found it and noticed the address on a tag I attached and the phone, Gopro, my fly reel and my lunch were all still there.

I wish I knew who it was so I could thank them..... restores your faith in human nature it does.

Thats it for this week. I'm off to eat that flathead in adamchef's special batter recipe, which incidentally is a cracker.



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Sounds like a bummer of a day Jim, BUT, your gear was returned and you caught something to eat.

Like you, I am happy to catch something to eat, rather than having to buy fish and chips (though some places offer good food)


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Well hows this for luck... tuns out it was a guy from down the road who was coming back from night shift.

He waved apparently as I exited my driveway and as he did so he saw the bag fall off in the driveway.

He gave me a yell but I didn't hear him and went on my merry way.

So he picked the bag up and put in on the verandah in case I came back for it.

I didn't see my wife until later yesterday evening when she finished work and I am always a little paranoid about waking her up when I go for an early fish as she is a lousy sleeper and works odd hours.

"As a matter of fact DARLING" she said , slightly annoyed, "I slept fine until I heard someone yelling your name at the top of their voice at 3am..."

"Oi Jim... JIM! ....JIMMY! JIMMMMMMMMMM!" she demonstrated.

"Yeah" says the kids what was all that about... it woke us up too!

Anyway, it all turned out ok as it usually does for me.

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Good to hear Jim, amazing how when bad things happen we can still focus on the fishing and just make it happen! Glad you didn't lose your stuff!

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