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Oh boy, how does one put into words, an experience that is for all intents and purposes, beyond description? For those who want to read our story, read on, for others, just skip down to the last pics :1prop:

Having recently caught my first jew last week, it really would have been too much to expect to be lucky enough to catch another, let alone a stonker upgrade and on bream gear. :1yikes:

So the story begins with yet another team up with my regular fishing buddy Wakd, expert Photochopper, overall funny bugger and all round good guy (although it'd be nice if he layed off the baked beans)

The fishing was actually pretty slow in the beginning, but the sounder was keeping us motivated with a constant stream of promising arcs moving across the screen. We were optimistic to say the least. The first hook up carried some weight, and up came a nice solid, fat headed flattie of 2.5kgs.Not that exciting but a new species best, yay! :thumbup:


On a cast minutes later, I had my lure gliding down with the current heading straight back towards our Polycraft, one twitch of the rod and that was it, my hook latched onto something and instantly line was waving bye bye to my reel. The weight and strength was evident in the extreme bend on my rod. Boy I can recount minute by minute the feelings we went thru as the protracted fight extended to maybe 15 mins. We’d laugh every few minutes when I’d struggle against the weight of the fish, regain some line only to have it dive deep down again. With the current adding oomph to the runs the fish made, we were a long long way from where I hooked up when FINALLY I saw some trace exit the water. Eventually the fish became visible(no poling this suckah!) :1yikes: and crikey, it was a beautiful sight,and for two reasons. One, the sheer size of the thing, and two, I could see the eye of my jighead just BARELY peeping out of its mouth which means my 10lb Nitlon trace was not sawing away on the big fellas teeth. :yahoo:

But there was no alleviating our anxiety :wacko: as it was obvious that our already largish net wouldn’t cover the fish. Eventually Wakd slipped the net over the head, grabbed the tail with his right hand and proceeded to TRY to lift the fish in but couldn’t do it! It was funny hearing Wakd gasping and groaning thru the effort but he couldn’t lift the bugger! I had to reach over and grab the frame of the net and together we heaved the beast onto the boat. Even though my legs/knees were suffering from involuntary spasms, we were jumping up and down in sheer unadulterated ecstacy :thumbup:



Had a bit of trouble rejewvinating the fish but we kept at it and it kicked off hard and dived straight back into the depths.

I really really wanted a weight on the big fella, but there was just no way we could do it without hurting it, all I can say is that it was big all the way thru the body, it was fat and it was a bona fide 1.15m. Sorry the fish isnt 100% facing the camera but it was hard enuff getting the fish and me in the pic in close quarters.

For those that are interested, fish was caught on 10lb Nitlon trace and 3-6kg rod :thumbup:

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well done again mate... !!! good job !!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

fishing with eiffel tower and the alps in the background eh ? :074::074:

I went to Sydney Aquarium today and saw a few big jewies there too heheh, half the time I was there my hands were itching to cast a lure at those big uns.

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Cheers Jewel, I know that "weigh ur fish with a ruler" link and I hear its not particularly accurate. Understandable, cos I'm sure there are 115cm(1.15METRES sounds better! ) jews out there that would be even fatter or alternately, anorexic.

And Jewhunter, 13-14kgs is ur guess? I'll take that! Gotta say tho, the fish sure felt much heavier ,might have been the fatigue. And yeah...bring on 20kgs please . After my first jew at 75cm/4.5kgs, I wanted to break 10kg and/or 1M, this fish broke both for me, so 20kg is the natural step up desired :thumbup:

Joe, AndJEW has the runs on the board mate, I've only caught 3 so far (3 jews in 3 trips,none of which were full fishing days!how ridiculous is that!) That being said, I'm always down for a fish! Bring on the kings puhleeeese.

Cheers Hazza :1prop:

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Guest madsmc

That's a ripper guys! The flatty isn't a bad fish either. To get both in a single day is excellent. :thumbup: Looking forward to the report on the bass trip.



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Who's spot do you think he was fishing?  :1prop:  :1prop:

(although I don't remember it looking quite like that)

Actually it's a spot that I used to fish a bit and pull a lot of small fish from, Matt found it for himself and managed a decent fish... guess where I'll start hitting again...  :1prop:

Congrats on the fish Matt, let's hope you can get bass equally as good in a couple of days.  :thumbup:


Cheers mate, but we really ought to hit the you know where spot we fished last time. I was there recently and got done by something decent cos it exitted left instead of right .

And I can't take credit for the spot where I got my big'un from, and though its a really well known spot, it was Mr Bream(thanks mate!) that took me there. I've fished there many times b4 too, but only for bream.


What an awsome effort mate. Two PB's in one trip. Can I ask what lure you were using ??? 3" BM in Watermelon perhaps?




U got it partly right Trev, I used a 4inch BM

Wonderful, Matt.

Any hints on the lure and rig?


Gday Dave, I think the general consensus is that u need to use a largish lure when targetting bigger fish( ie Bream v Jew). I know Jorg and others have caught a jew on small grubs and down to a sz 4 hook even, but in general I've been using 4 to 5 inch BMs and Jerk Shads in various colours. Current will determine the weight of jighead most suitable, just use something that will drop nice and straight (thats why I like the Gama Darter Head) instead of dropping like a tonne of bricks. Hook wise, I've been using 2/0 and 3/0, very big compared to what I normally use for bream, but very small when u see how cavernous a Jew's mouth is, even the small fellas! Thats abt it I guess, but remember! I'm only a newbie at all this, I'm dead sure guys like Swoffa and Jewhunter have multitudes of different ideas :1prop:

That's a ripper guys! The flatty isn't a bad fish either. To get both in a single day is excellent.  :thumbup: Looking forward to the report on the bass trip.



Oh boy, I'm dying with anticipation cos I would love to get into some nice Bass or Yellabelly or Cod, but the weather forecast doesnt look great

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Matt you are really reeling them in now mate. That is a gd fish no matter how u look at it. Even with the "scenary" which u pulled it out of is a fab!!!! good on u mate. Now i gotta look for one for myself. Bugger the thesis!!!



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It looks a lot colder in the background than it must have been. You should rug up a little more you could catch your death of cold dressed like that.

Before I forget CONGRATULATIONS on that silvery thing in your arms, it sure is big. Not that I'm jealous or anything!!!!!!!! All I need is that magic touch, I think

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