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Boat overturned near The Gap


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I did hear that the EPIRB was turned off and did not activate in water.

What sort of arrangement do you have if you need to jump ship? Perhaps our sponsor Roadrunner Parts can respond here as they sell these items.


An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) suitable for marine use must transmit on 406 MHz and conform with all relevant standards. A 406 MHz EPIRB only complies if it conforms with Standard AS/NZS 4280.1 (It is the ‘1’ which indicates compliance).

Any 406 MHz EPIRB must be properly registered with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and have an AMSA registration sticker affixed.

A 406 MHz EPIRB is a simple and effective alerting and locating device that is compulsory for all vessels operating more than two nautical miles from the shore. It is also recommended for all vessels operating in remote locations or areas of high risk. The EPIRB should be accessible but stowed to avoid inadvertent activation. Do not stow the EPIRB in the bottom of a locker.

The diagram shows that when activated, EPIRB signals are detectable by satellites and aircraft. When a distressed vessel activates the EPIRB, the signal is received by a satellite, and the satellite relays the signal to the satellite receiving system. The search and rescue centre communicates with the search and rescue unit, such as a helicopter.

Important note

A Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) does not qualify as a replacement for a 406 MHz EPIRB. It may be carried in addition to an EPIRB as an extra safety precaution.

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The worst thing was they anchored right against the rocks. We were downrigging near them in the morning and the swell was pretty rough were they were. There was a few boats in the morning drifting and fishing the rocks around there but no one anchored in close or go as close as they did. No common sense at all.

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Was quite wavey. Lasted only 40mins before turning greenish out there. I even decided against trying middle head.

Is the anchoring that pulls the boat under? Sand ancor instead of reef ancor? or was it a big wave?

Is is possible to have a mechanism like the lifevests, that "release" if is senses waterpressure. But then, if the boat is capsized, the ebirp would be inside the boat. Don't know how effecitve it would be.

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