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Combined Report - Sydney & Botany


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Gday Raiders

Happy new year to all ! I hope everyone has been getting some fishing hours logged the last week or so. Ive had the pleasure of taking out 3 friends who i had promised i would make the time for on the holidays on 3 different trips. Ive combined the three trips into one report to save the hassle of writing up 3 reports. Il try to keep it as short and sweet as possible :)

Trip 1 Botany

Collected live bait early, had some Bonito from last trip which i kept for strip baits. Kings were in plague proportions at Molinx Point but very hard to get the livies down to the bigguns before they were swollowed by the rats. managed two just legal fish and went for a troll afterwards picking up 2 bonito for bait next trip. Kings were taking live baits and bonito strips ( even hooked up on a prawn ). closed the day at wooloware bay for a nice big 62cm flatty followed big a 40cmish one.

Trip 2 - Sydney

Trip out to the FAD - Donut - Trolled the cliffs - Donut

Drifted the northern beaches in 30m of water for 4 blue spots and a 33cm Pannie.

Water temp at the fad 20.4 - water blue

Trip 3 - Sydney

Trip out to the FAD - Donut - Continued out to the Manly hydraulics buoy found water at 22.2 and electric blue - dolly hook up on the first past but spat the hook, did 6 more passes for zero. decided to burley up and could see a couple of small dollies lingering about but very shy.gave up and gunned it back to north head and trolled lures for 2 bonito and 1 just legal king. closed the day by drifting norther beaches again only this time finding the flatties in plague proportions. threw back just as many as we kept. also picked up another nice flounder at 38cm

All in all fantastic fishing happening around Sydney at the moment, get out there if you havent already.






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