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Sight Fishing Rozelle Bay and Surrounds


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My First fishing Report, so feel free to give some tips and ideas for the future! :D Also sorry for the time taken to write this up, I mainly wanted to just get used to adding my 2 cents to the forums

Headed down to rozelle bay to run some new gear through its paces a couple of days ago (3/1/16). Headed out about 5:45am with the intention of slowly working my way around the bay and hopefully hooking up on some nice bream that I've seen everytime I walk around the park.

A few casts in and we get a nice hook up and fun run from a small chopper tailor (around 20-25cm). Very next cast and we hook up again, this time the fish went a little bigger, around the 25cm mark. Not bad for 10 minutes of fishing, and nice fun on a 1-3kg rod and 2000 size reel! Unfortuantly nothing bigger was biting so after 8 tailor in about 15 mins I decided to move on and target the bigger fish.

Bites seemed to slow up as the tide was dropping though and the water was getting fairly shallow, making casting into the drop offs and structure fairly hard. However I then moved around to a small wharf and picked up a 45cm flathead fishing 2 inch Squidgys on a 1/16th jighead. Sadly the bits slowed up and I left for home at about 8am, happy and excited to have christened my new gear :)

Headed out again in the pouring rain on the 6th :depression: , and again got stuck into some nice tailor on a floated piece of bread soaked in anchovy oil (my secret ingredient when i finish a jar). Wanted to target the schools of mullet that I had seen but to no avail, i think the wet conditions probably had something to do with that. Switched back to an orange 2 inch squidgy in the hope of catching that all important big breambo :P Working my way around the points it was fairly quiet until a nice soft pulling bite. I give the fish some line to play with and reel in. This beast is a monster and I work it slowly towards the shore. As it comes up I see the body of a huge bream :1yikes: , easily 40cms. However the bugger turns and decides to have one last run, rolling the hook as it turns away!!! :ranting2::1crybaby: After regaing my composure and vouching to never use barbless hooks again :icon_razz: (the things we say when they get away haha) I continued to fish, snags being par for the course. I do however manage a couple of smaller bream (22 and 27cm) before the day gets too wet and I head home. Rest assured, I'll be back there again until i get that monster haha

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