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Tunks Park boat ramp - engine flushing


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Gooday everyone,

I have recently moved to Sydney from Johannesburg, South Africa and just purchased a 2009 Brooker Runabout boat so I can get out on the weekends to wet a line.

Tunks Park boat ramp is my closest ramp to where I am living and will be using this spot to launch. I am currently staying in a rented apartment and do not think I will be able to flush my engine at my apartment after a day out on the water.

Does anyone know if I am allowed to flush my engine for 5-10 minutes at Tunks Park? I have been down there and see there is a tap available but am concerned about upsetting the peace as we all know the noise this makes!

If anyone can let me know any info or supply me with any other advice or information it will be greatly appreciated.



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....or make a muffler and there should be no noise complaints - I flush a 200hp 2Stroke 4 meters from my neighbor's house - the muffler makes it no louder then my Landcruiser idling. Here's the old thread -


Cheers Zoran

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