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Hairtail in Jerusalem Bay


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Went to Jerusalem Bay on Saturday to spend the night...and hopefully catch a fish or two.

Queue dusk and having caught only undersized bream and tailor, I was on the verge of downing the rod to drown my sorrows, then I started losing hooks to the tiniest of bites... Leader snipped with surgical precision.

I was only using single hooks, so I paid more attention to the ever-so-slight wobbling of the line, liiiiiiift, and I'm on.

After a strange but solid fight (not quite eel-like, not quite fish) up comes a small hairtail, around 1 metre.

Small by hairtail standards but it's my first. Pretty chuffed having ticked that box.

Lost a few more hooks to some bigger fish before calling it a night.



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Didn't think they would still be around but well done

Any idea what the water temp is at the moment?

Year round proposition not in numbers like winter but definitely get them year round.

Reason why they are seasonal is nobody targets them outside July and August.

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I recall seeing 19C on the sounder... perhaps 20C.

Didn't feel too chilly when I jumped in to retrieve the ball my dog kept tossing over the side....

Lost at least half a dozen hooks/ fish, with some pretty good runs.... so they're definitely around.

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Now I am in strife. My son wanted to go over there on Saturday night to fish for Hairies and I told him not to be stupid as they would be long gone, thus we went to smiths creek. Just told him of your catch and now he is abusing me yet again.

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