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Tuggerah Lake Session


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Hi Guys,

Went up to the entrance over the weekend from Friday till Monday and fished the lake for 2 days, Lake is producing some decent size whiting and Bream. I fished the other side of the bridge of a small Warf that is opposite the pylons on the bridge at run in tide on a sat night and run out on a sunday. Lake produced some decent whiting and bream, Whiting biggest measuring 38cm and smallest 31 and Bream biggest 35 and smallest 29 CM, Fresh prawns caught that night from the lake where used to catch and also throwing around some small soft plastics which hooked up some tailor and all thrown back in. Prawning session should be at peak start of November and can truly say a lot of stonker Whiting, Bream and Tailor about.



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Oh Stapo how I wish to be where you are :(

You lucky duck

Yes Donna. We're at the Legian beach hotel I'm sick of eating lobster on the beach only a couple of days to go. Boo.

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