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4WD review


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Had a great day at the 4WD show at Eastern Creek Raceway. Lots for fishos and if you go to Hot Tackle make sure you mention fishraider. Here are a few snaps.

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We met some nice people and businesses at the 4WD show yesterday. I am aware this is not a fishing report but I have deliberately decided to post this here.

This is authorised by Admin (because I am admin).

In a week's time we will be upgrading fishraider forum to be viewed on any device. We will also be adding one or two NEW forum areas, including an Outdoors Section.

Watch for the posts about the changes soon.

Back to business there are some interesting things out there at the show. Spread the fishraider word :)

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Was a good day out got some Berkley blades 4 for $20 so was happy with that nearly bought more but was restrained. Plenty of good camping and outdoors gear liked the specials on Honda generators but stayed away maybe next year.

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