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Pyrmont Surprise


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Hey Raiders, I've been following this forum for a while now with zero input so it's only fair that I share a success story with you all as it's mainly tips and info from you guys that's helped me up my Australian fishing game.

I moved to Sydney 2 years ago and did minimal fishing but since moving to the waters edge in pyrmont I have become slightly addicted to catching bream on soft plastics.

Friday night I took the two minute walk to Jones bay wharf and fished the steps at the end flicking the soft plastics in and around the pilons under the wharf where I have seen plenty of bream but no luck so I fished out into the deeper water off the end and hooked a small one of 27cm. An hour passed since the small bream and all was quiet so I moved round to the side of the wharf and flicked the lure along the wharf between the pontoon and the pilons, another spot where there are plenty of bream, by this time the daylight was fading and the wharf lights were just starting to show the many shadows just below the surface. I started off with two small tailor and plenty of bream following the lure to the surface without taking it one even having a swipe right the last minute but no hook up.

It was time to try the new lures I picked up that afternoon, Some 3.75" Zman StreakZ in pearl on a 1/6 TT jighead, I thought the white might be more attractive in the low light so i carried on with the same technique, flicking it along the wharf, let it sink to the bottom then a slow winding retrieve with many of the same results.

After a few casts I got a small pull just off the bottom and then just dead weight, I gently pulled the lure thinking I had hooked weed, the next thing I know the reel is screaming, my 2kg rod is doubled over and my 4lb braid is firing off under the pontoon in front of me, it finally stops diving and I manage to slowly but surely drag it through the water and gain some line back on the spool. Before I get to see any colour in the lit up water it takes another dive but this time straight through the pilons under my feet and then just stops, it's stuck, I have half the rod in the water under my feet and all I can feel is stillness. So like I have done before with bream when this has happened is let off a small amount of line, ease the pressure on the fish and hope that they turn back on themselves and free the line, as I hoped the weight started to move and I was able to put the pressure back on and begin the fight again, after one more dive I was able to start lifting the weight through the water with just the rhythmic pumps of its head letting me know that it wasn't just weed. A couple more turns of the handle and I see colour in the dark water but it's no bream, as it comes up I see a more gold colour and it's a much longer shape, it hits the surface and even with my minimal knowledge of species I knew what it was, a 62cm JEWFISH! I walked it right down the wharf until I found a place to jump onto the pontoon, lift it out of the water, get it on the measure and take some pictures before sending it back on its way.

That was enough for me, I packed up, climbed back up to the wharf and bounced my way home with a grin from ear to ear .

Sorry for the long report and all the detail but I felt it should all be in there to give the same excitement I felt at the time.

A very happy BirchTreepost-39544-0-52500100-1476591234_thumb.jpg

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Hey mate. I thought pyrmont's water quality was no good for fishing ???

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I wouldn't eat anything from the pyrmont area but there are certainly plenty of fish around, bream especially and some monsters too.

I often see schools of tailor busting up on the surface and the night I got the jewfish a kingfish came cruising along the pontoon below me.

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