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Hello everyone!!

Could anyone recommend a boat cover that is suitable for freeway towing. It would be for a Quintrex 481 Fishabout.

Eventually I would like to get something custom made, however for now I'm after something that I can buy reasonably quickly and that would be durable enough to keep me going for the next 6-12 months. 

Are the ones you can buy from places like BCF any good or is there a better option to consider?

I appreciate any recommendations or advice. 



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If it's only for a year, I guess most will do. When I did homework, it was suggested the bcfs broke/weakened quite quickly. I ended grabbing one (for storage, not for towing) 

Message me for the info

Happy so far, but only early days.

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I got a custom made cover done by a guy who does a lot of the work for a lot of the dealers in Sydney- now this wasnt cheap- but when I asked him about covers that i could leave on while towing his advice was -dont-think about all the forces that are involved when going down the freeway at 110k's, they just dont last especially if they are not tied and secured at multiple points, and I guess my other question would be - why do you need to cover it while driving? If you were doing a trip to Cape York and needed to keep all the fine dust out then OK a cover is probably worth it. Driving to the ramp its just one more thing to sort before you launch. The cover at home is worth its weight in gold. Anyway food for thought

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PaddyT I use a cover on the boat when travelling for a number of reasons:

·        Safety, to prevent anything flying out whilst travelling. I have seem blokes tie down seats to stop them coming adrift. A cover takes no more effort and secures everything.

·        NSW Police have rightly targeted trailers and utes carrying a load and not covered. The next logical step would be boats.

·        To stop low-lives from easy, opportunistic theft of fishing gear, sounders etc from the boat when paying for fuel, or getting ice, food etc. A cover will not stop a determined thief but may make a few reconsider because they can’t actually see if there is anything worthwhile taking, and it increases the time required to steal the contents.

·        To keep out dust and rain whilst travelling.

FWIW I’ve had a cover on my last couple of boats and have never had a problem when travelling. On a long trip I stop after travelling for 30 minutes or so just to check that everything is secure. (I live in the bush, so 30 minutes could be 40-50 km down the track). A well made cover, from quality material, rather than the cheap Chinese rubbish with little UV protection, will  last for a long time.

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I bought a cover that is rated to 100km when I picked up my new boat. It's on all the time and especially when going to and from the ramp.

i have towed with the cover up the freeway and next weekend it will be on for the tow down to Jarvis Bay.

mine is secured with 3 ties each side, two rear and a bow tie down, plus I have two long ones which goes over the boat in two places.

it saves getting a fine for uncovered load and gives me piece of mind that a life jacket or something isn't going to fly out at 110km.

my cover in a Ocean South brand was $180 from memory and it's tough sturdy and wel made of the shelf unit.

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I have my third Ocean South cover and whilst I like them at home I cannot recommend them for highway towing. The first two years they go ok, but by year three of UV they shred themselves at 100k. My third one stays home and I will likely get 10 years or so out of it. If I towed it tomorrow it would be gonski.

For towing I had a custom storm cover made for my Quintrex CoastRunner 470. Best investment I ever made. Wonderful for towing and protection on the water when we go away for a week at a time and leave the boat in the water. PM me if you want the name of the cover manufacturer I used, great job, based in Kirawee. Recommend him highly.

Regards, Brad

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Just a note:

Traveling back from Gosford today to Sydney, just after the hawkesbury I spotted something in the middle lane, as Past it I recognized it a a BCF Brag Mate, partially rolled up but was starting to open. I then passed 4 boats without cover on any of them all doing the 100 / 110km speed limit.

could only amagine what would happen if that came flying out of a boat at 100km and hit the car behind or made them take evasive action.

Short trips on 50km roads without a travel cover is one thing but at 110km then turbulent air combined with bumps will drag anything not Stowed correctly or tied down out and onto the road pretty quick.

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I paid the extra money when I purchased the boat to get this cover installed. They inserted button clip things every 20 - 30cm under the rub rails, up the side and inside the boat. The boat has a channel on the top of the hardtop and the cover has a round core that slots into it. 

It was a bit extra to get but I can go whatever speed I like, don't have to worry about low lifes getting in when parked on driveway and I can stop the cats getting in and pissing in my boat if I put the entry flap up, but if I don't....... (I'll kill the sod if I ever catch him). And i don't have to worry about leaves and crap getting in or the sun ruining all the seats and rubber parts etc. 

I have had this on for 5 years and it is as good as the day I brought it. When this wears down I will pay the money again. I think a professionally installed cover is well worth the dollars and piece of mind. 

Easy to forget that on the motorway you can create a wee vortex inside the boat that will throw out gear and get you in trouble. 


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