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Big Lizard from Middle Harbour


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Hi Raiders,

This is my first post ever so please go gently on me ;) I've been a member for awhile and just upgraded my boat so I have more to say now.  Though I'd give back since I read everyone's reports.  The site looks fantastic now too, great job guys.

My mate and I decided to venture out late yesterday afternoon from Tunks Park.  We poked our heads around the corner and decided she was blowing far too much to enjoy it out there so decided to anchor up at our fav spot at Fridges.  We got the burley trail going and pulled up a lot of yakkas and a few taylor.  Unfortunately we dropped two big unknown fish that took huge initial runs then nothing, always disappointing but that's fishing for you.  It started to get quiet so we decided to move spots, our last rod to bring up had a live yakka on it which we upgraded to a very nice 78cm flathead.  WOW what a fight, i'd say one of the best fights I've seen for a flatty over the years.  We took some pics and let her go to fight and breed another day, she had plenty of energy and shot back to the depths.  I think I need a bigger net though.  Had a fun session and felt very relaxed after it, wish this wind would stop though.  Seems that mid week is amazing fishing weather and the weekends are shocking, shame I have to work Mon - Fri.



Big Flathead Fridges 291016.jpeg

Big Flathead Fridges Holding 291016.jpeg

Big Flathead Fridges Net 291016.jpeg

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Well done mate & what a Top way to christen the new boat ... Good on you for getting out there as the weekends have been shocking lately & keep those stories & photos coming in.......

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58 minutes ago, Cargo05 said:

Welcome iceman191. Great first post, and a great flattie. What a way to christen the new boat. What boat did you get?


Hi Cargo05,  Thanks, I got a Stessl Trophy 5.3 Centre Console. Loving it.

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Well done mate that's a thumper!

Thanks for sharing, it's good to see what's happening out there. 

More importantly, great job on the release :). I find that many talk about it being a good idea but not many do it - hats off to you!

Cheers, James

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Great fish and good on you for landing it after such a fight. 

It sure has been windy on weekends, we haven't been on the boat for 3 weeks and a quick look on seabreeze says this Saturday it is a mite windy yet again. 

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