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Made the FAD


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I got the chance to head off shore and see what the deal with the FAD is.'veseen the teragal one

and there are no fish there, but I've now ticked it off the bucket list. We carried on further out. No idea where we

were and the skipper said now we catch something. I think we were in 120 meters, and retriving your gear tofind bait still on it

was very disapointing. I tried jigging and that was hard work too. Back to bait and I managed a couple of nice snapper and then

I caught my biggest ever fish. 94cm gem fish. It looks a bit like a baracotta, but the line down its flanks gives it away Thats what

the guys at the fishing club told me. Anyway, they seem  to be in the same family. I was happy to get someing in 15 hours and I was even happier 

that I kept my lunch down! It got a bit rough out there

Wen't out today to catch some flatheat, but got nothing.Got home in time to clean my boat while the thunderstorm wet everything


thanks for reading!




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thanks guys. 


It's hard work winding up from that deep and after only a couple of goes. I was happy to leave it down. We tried 

jigging with those heavy metals and that was hard work too

The guys at the club told me it was a gemfish, but I don't really know. I'm hoping

that both it and coutta's are good eating. I nearly got mugged by a hungry pelican when taking

fillets at the boat ramp!


Ticking the FAD off my bucket list and keeping my lunch down were good. Next is a mahi mahi for me ;-)



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I'd have to say, the blokes at the club really took you for a ride there, lol. Sorry mate, no gemmie, it's a barracouta.

If you find jigging in 100 meters hard work, you can consider switching to slow jigging, it is much less energy demanding. A skinny dude like me can jig browns mountain for 5 hours straight. The difference is that big!



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