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Shimano Socorro Sw 6000 or Penn Spinfisher V 6500?


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Hello there, 

Need your help with reels as I dont have that much of a knowledge or experience on this.


I am struggling in choosing my reel, SHIMANO socorro SW 6000 or Penn Spinfisher 6500 (fits in budget), which i intend to use for salt water fishing in about coalcliff, stanwell park beach chasing salmon and will be using braid lining OR any other reels that I should go for! Please advice :)


Thanks heaps in advance :)



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Which Spinfisher were you looking at? There are the new SSVs and the older SSMs.

I have an Spinfisher SSM in the 650 size that I use for salmon, kings and jews. It's a good reel, solid piece of equipment for the price. The only real complaint would be that it is quite heavy. The SSVs are a prettier more updated version that have a slightly lighter construction. If I went back I probably would have just spent the extra cash for the SSV.

The Shimano will probably be a fair bit lighter.

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Guest Guest123456789

I have the SSV3500 and 8500. Absolutely punished them for 3 years and still going strong. Awesome reels

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The shimanon socorro is lighter and more sensitive with the drag settings so this is a better real for say fighting kings off a boat.

i have the spinfisher 6500 at home and its a great reel. Iv put it thru some punishment and it still operates perfectly. 

I guess my honest answer is that the Socorro is an overall better quality but the spinfisher will do the job just as well and id say probably of slightly tougher construction and hence slightly heavier 

If $$$ is a consideration for you the spinfisher may be a better overall choice


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If you're aiming for cheap but reliable, the Penn is the way to go. However if you're willing to spend that bit of extra cash, the Socorro is the better option, it's better quality overall.

Same as GoingFishing, I've abused my 6500SSV quite a bit and it's still going strong.



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