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Your dream place to live/fish?


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Hi Raiders.

I have a question????

If you were to relocate to a fishing paradise where would you go?

I was just thinking of where would be the best fishing area to move to.

Say a house on the water with jetty, boatshed, close to shops, transport, 

Within Nsw But far enough away from sydney and overpopulated area,s to be comfortable.

Where are the best fishing area,s?

Where would you go?




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I'm with BlackFish ... South Coast , A Nice Waterfont Property on St Georges Basin If it had to be NSW . Otherwise I would love to end up in NOOSA on the Sunshine Coast , Spent our Honeymoon up there 13 years ago & haven't stopped going since .........

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scratchie you go past coffs nearly to grafton then bak to the coast ..wooli has a bar crossing.minnie has a beach launch into lagoon type water behind rocks ..suss google..nth solitary close  sandon shoals close  more reef than u can imagine  trag in quantities that will make your jaw drop.reddies on tap and big..50 mtrs plus reefs hold sambos pearlies are everywhere yuddah yuddah yaah...just go there ...rick

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