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Went out solo at around 1.30pm and thought I would try the 40m mark for Snapper. Not much happening so moved to Micro Jig and Bang, hooked into a wee Snapper on third drop. He went back as was less than 35cm ( A new rule on the boat after a blog on this forum) Then my mate had finished work and wanted to go out so back to the ramp for a quick pick up. 

I can't tell you where but, I can tell you we were less than 20m. Well the party got started pretty early and we started landing Snapper around the 33cm mark. New rules meant they had to go back. Then they started getting bigger but we caught a lot ofFishing0501.jpg under 35cm fish throughout the session. In total was 10 snapper and the biggest Rock Cod aka Flower Pot aka Scorpion Fish I have ever seen (There were more fish after this photo). I caught a Snapper of around 57cm on a 3-5kg Rod with a 4000 Stradic, 20 pound line and 17 pound leader and that was a great fight with lot of drag screaming, then my mate hooks up to a 58cm and he was running an even lighter rod with a 2500, 10 Pound line and 14kg leader. His poor reel was screaming, this fish was absolutely going for it. Was fun to watch but there was chaos as it went from one side of the boat to the other and all the rods had to be pulled in. It was like he had a King but we new if it was a King he would have been reefed. He does not believe in adjusting his drag so what ever drag setting he has is what he fights with, his drag was a touch loose but it was an epic fight and a lot of fun to watch, and huge fun for him. He gave me a big bro hug when I netted it. Happy chap. It was the dry humping and pelvic thrusting like he was on a Beyonce video that showed just how excited he was. You know when a dog gets too excited and walks around pelvic thrusting,, that was him. 

We had big schools of Kings come rampaging through which was total chaos as they were hitting us and causing total chaos on the light gear, We were so relieved when they passed through although they kept coming back. Never thought I would curse Kingfish and wish they would bugger off. Biggest Rat I landed was 50cm, in all we landed over 10 Rats

A great session and a good sign for the years first fishing trip. 

I am hopeless with photos, especially when Snapper fishing. It's hardly a relaxing method of fishing, is a lot of work and energy and I always forget to take photo's. Busy Busy Busy

Oh, the fish are not in a slurry as I kicked the tap of the Esky and it knocked right off. They are on ice. Just for those that notice. 

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The humping your leg reminds me of  guys i fish with, When one bagged a PB Snapper (6.1kg) he and a few others were squealing quite high pitch and he was doing the humping dance moves,

my wife saw the video and said i thought there was no girls allowed on the trip.


Nice work on the fishing trip.

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Thanks guys,

Maverick these were caught using 1/6 Jig Heads.

Wellzy you can say that again, keeping them off the reef was heart thumping stuff. These Kings seem to have some real pep to them as well. 

Jeff, yes some of us get a little excited after winning a fair fight. I have to commend him, he did do an epic job and had nerves of steel to let the fish run like it did. I would have reached for the drag dial. When the fish was landed the jig was in it's gut and the 14lb leader was against it's teeth so had he put the pressure on he would have been busted. 

Been a while since I have been out for snappers, been chasing Jews and Kings on my mates boat mostly. Been doing well on Kings but the Jews have eluded me. Heart braking when your mate gets three in one session and you don't even get a touch. 


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