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Huge flattie while chasing whiting on the beach


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Today my wife was working and the kids and I had a day to fill. My son wanted to go fishing and my daughter wanted to go to the beach. Like the Old El Paso ad says why not have both?

We headed down to Umina Beach and my daughter got to work finding pipis. Within minutes we had a plastic container full. I baited up a couple of rods and started fishing, dropping the broken shells at my feet to try and bring the fish in. I was using small hooks, light sinkers and 2kg floro leaders below a swivel and a running sinker. We'd had a few bites but had not managed a hookup. I had had a few touches and then it had gone quiet, so I assumed I had been baited again. I wound in to check, and was surprised to find this huge flathead on the line. After a short fight I landed it. Clearly it is a large breeding female so after a quick snap of me holding it over my yellow leader wallet I released her to fight another day.  Not long after the kids interest waned, so we went home for lunch.


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I've seen smaller, but never caught.

What's cool (to me) is that while most fish go through distinct morphological stages, flatties look the same from tiny little specks to 1m+ monsters. A skilled photoshopper could take that pic and superimpose the fish on a different scale background, and I'd totally believe it was a world all-tackle record.

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