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Port Kembla 5 Islands

Big Yella

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Ended up heading out off Port Kembla yesterday at 4.30am to have a fish on the reefs around the 5 islands.

we did a bit of trolling around the islands with some deep divers for some kings with no luck, only a massive Sargent baker took the lure. 

Switched it up and put on a surface lure, only for a barracouta, no kings.

had a bottom bash on the reefs with some good success. Picking up 3 very good sized Morwong, 5 nice plate sized snapper, various other reef species. 

We decided to head out to the sandy bottoms and have a drift for some flathead, got 3 blue spot at 45cm. 

We were just about out of bait when we pulled in a solid slimy mackerel, which we cut up and it kept us fishing a little longer.

we were back on the reef looking for a few more snapper when I hooked up. I thought I'd hooked into a decent snapper, though when I saw the colour coming up from the depths, it was my dream come true, my first yellow tail kingfish! Only a small rat, coming in at 48cm, I didn't care, still a kingy! 

Anyway, great day out on the water and a great feed.



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Sounds like a top day.  Live bait is the key for kings around Port.  Lots around the breakwalls at the moment and there are enough rats about to keep you busy all day.  the bigger ones are there but you need to work harder to find them.

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