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G'day Raiders, 

For a while now I have been eyeing of the Parra River and all the spots that look fishable on google maps. So yesterday I obtained some bravado and headed north!

After an hour or so at spot#1 and not much action happening, I decided to move. In one of those bizarre twists of fate, I got to the end of the road I'd driven in on and had 2 options: left or right. I was meaning to head right and to another spot I'd researched the night before, but something in the universe was telling me to go left. So with nothing more than an inkling, I turned left. On arrival I got another sign that I'd made the right move - despite a lack of parking, someone was leaving just as I got there. 

What happened over the next few hours was nothing short of phenomenal. Over the next few hours I landed 20 fish (in addition to the 4 at spot#1). There were some thumping bream, a flounder, toadfish and a total of 13 small snapper! I've seen so many! In addition, I got busted of by something slow moving and quite heavy. I'm thinking perhaps a ray?

Towards the end of my session, another few guys turned up and were using bread mixed with something (not sure what) but were floating it on the top of the water. These guys pulled 5 thumping bream in quick succession (one must have gone at least 45cm). 

So, needled to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the Parra river and I am sure I will be heading back there soon. My conundrum as I write this is now finding the time to get back there (i'm itching at the bit). 

Till next time, tight lines everyone.






16195370_10154429896149007_5823608180077414734_n - Copy.jpg



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8 hours ago, Raymondo said:

Its great when an expedition to a new location pays off. I'm sure those pinkies made it back to the river to fight another day? 

Yes mate. All fish are catch and release. I don't eat fish (ironic, I know). If I ever catch anything legal I offer it nearby fisho's.

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1 hour ago, michael2203 said:

Yes mate. All fish are catch and release. I don't eat fish (ironic, I know). If I ever catch anything legal I offer it nearby fisho's.

Well done on the catch. It makes me smile when I hear of fishermen who dont eat fish, it seems that is not at all uncommon. They just love the fun of catching fish, which I can understand.

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Nice catch! Seems like the fish must really have been on the chew.

The upper Parra must have some good fishing. I wouldn't eat anything from there, but as far as C&R go there should be some great spots if you do a bit of research.

Next time take a closer peak at what the other fellas were doing with the floats and burley and try it out for yourself!

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