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Shimano Aerowave Vs Okuma Trio Rex surf rod


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Hi Raiders,

I'm just wondering if anybody has used any of these rods that can provide their feedback and experience on it.

I am after the 13 foot rod mainly used for beach and break wall fishing, target fish is mainly tailor,salmon, kings, and anything fish that comes along.

Both rods are very similar in specs though the Trio Rex can handle heavier casting weight.




I'm interested in the Aerowave graphite and the Trio Rex Surf rod, however I like to know which rod is lighter as i prefer lighter rod.

budget is around  $200.


Thanks in advance.

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The aerowave has counter weight in the butt which makes casting so much easier. And its also a 3 piece rod. 

Not really sure how many pieces the okuma is. Only way to find out is to go out and and a play for yourself

theres no perfect rod out there. A rod that feels like a million bucks to you might feel like total crap to another person

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I don't know the Okuma Rod but can recommend the Aerowave. Just remember that being having a higher recommended/maximum casting weight often means the rod has a heavier/stiffer tip to be able to do so. This is often the tough balance in finding a good Jewie Rod that will cast the big baits and control the fish but have a soft enough tip for the bites/takes.

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