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Have things changed


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Harbour is fishing better than when i was a kid, the water is cleaner, big bait schools, heaps of kingfish, no nets etc etc. The fishery is pretty unique being smack bang in the middle of a big city like Sydney. Since the removal of sewage outfalls back in the late 80's and the removal of nets it just gets better and better.The crowds are just part of the massive influx of people that Sydney has seen in the last 10 years while the Fed Govt lets around 200000 new migrants a year in most will gravitate towards the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne

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I cannot comment on the harbour fishing, however fishing in the rivers near Sydney each year is worse and worse - jet ski, boat noise, property developments - all impact the environment. Even bloody carp was easier to catch a few years ago.

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18 hours ago, Roylo said:

The fishing has been about the same for me over the last 5 years.

What has changed in my view is the amount of boats out fishing. The old Saturday of 5 years ago is like a weekday these days. 

Thanks for the input I only fish midweek and have been surprised by the number of boats out. Reassuring to know I can enjoy for years to come.

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