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Sydney harbour land based lure throwing


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Hey Raiders, I plan to try my luck at getting onto some pelagics around the harbour bridge tomorrow morning, and would appreciate any tips or gossip that might help me hook up.

*sorry for the long winded post but thought i'd include as much detail as I could*

Ill have a lighter Savage Gear Black Savage combo- 7ft 5-8kg rod with a 3000 sized reel with 12lb braid/leader for flicking small metals and hardbodies. Then a 5'9" 7.5-15kg rod or similar with a Shimano 6000 OC Baitrunner reel spooled with 20lb braid/flurocarbon for throwing heavier metals, bigger poppers, larger hardbodies, plugs. Then depending on how much I can carry, an Abu Garcia 5'6" 7-10kg C-Stick overhead rod with a 6500 C3 Ambassaduer reel with again 20lb braid and flurocarbon, as it has a lower gear ratio, less line capacity and I can't cast as far with it, I will use it for my heavier topwater slow action lures.

As for lure range I will be bringing with me a couple 3-8g squidjigs, a couple 5-15g metals, several 40-150g metals/metal jigs, a variety of 3-8cm hardbodies/divers, several 8-16cm hardbodies/divers, a couple 45-85g plugs (size 3 richter and a 45g longtom), a couple 80mm poppers (one homemade and one roosta popper), a 135mm roostapopper, a few 8-12cm softbodies, and a homemade skute (a 1/4 oz jighead with blue and red pipecleaners tied on). 

I will also be bringing some hooks for just incase I get a squid or something that I can have as a livebait.

I don't plan on keeping any fish I catch but if I get a small Bonito I might have sashimi for lunch.

Regardless of the outcome I will post a report sometime tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I will be acknowledging some of you for your wisdom in an exciting report.



I do know what I'm doing, but I thought I might aswell ask for some advice. There is always more to learn and discover.

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13 minutes ago, motiondave said:

@kingie chaser , I made the mistake of going out today, duck me what a gale blowing today!


The forecast was always looking that way today Dave & unfortunately sometimes what the heart wants the mind is willing to put the facts aside.  

I've turned around at the ramp before & gone home because what I saw was not what was forecast & other times have gone out in the same situation & in a matter of sticking it out for a couple of hours it turned out like they mentioned just later.

If the forecast is for 10knt & above from the start of the day I dont even bother getting out of bed as generally its going to be more like 15-20knt, my little tinny does not like that much. 

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Thanks for the replies guys, I'll definitely be wearing some warmer clothes now. With the chart saying it'll be southerlies ill try to fish the northern side of the bridge first before the wind picks up. Hopefully I don't end up getting busted off like James did, I thought of bringing a net and that just sunk the nail in the coffin for bringing one with a longer handle. Ill see if I can rig up a rod camera on the bigger rod, might come in handy.

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Cheers for the mentions guys. Throwing metals is great, especially since summer is coming. Bonito are going to be around in greater numbers and are fin to catch. Usually try and sink right to the bottom and then wind hard or cast and wind hard straight away and have it skimming along the surface like a fast stick bait. Bonito like speed. You will also get tailor and salmon doing this. 

With the bigger setups you can try poppers (can be good) and flicking out live baits. Live prawns also go hard this time of year. I caught a large trev on them and also been smoked many other times. 

Primarily try and throw 6inch slugos and slapstics on your 20lb setup or even your 12lb. They catch lots of kings. You will get busted off quite a but probably, especially if your like me and suck at hooking them in easy to land spots. Flicking smaller soft plastics / grubs around on the lighter setup also puts you in the running for pretty much any species in the harbour. 


Good luck!

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sorry for the absence of a report. 

I started the day under the harbour bridge at first light. Hadn't caught anything by 11 so I caught the ferry to circular quay and went round to the Piers. No luck there either after an hour or so, started to walk back to circular at about 1ish. I sight casted at some bream which were moving through the ferry wharves but only had 1 follow, it looked more like an aggressive chase away than a hunt. 

Only thing I brought home was the water on my lines. It was still good to just get out of the house and have a change of scenery.

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