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Sydney Harbour Luderick - Results on Frozen Cabbage


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Hi all,

Been fishing Chowder Point since my last post with mixed results.

Last Sunday was the most interesting session as I had frozen cabbage to see how that would work having read about it on another post.

On  Thursday 27/8 headed up to northern beaches and collected some cabbage. went straight to Chowder Point for a couple of hours and landed 3 Lulerick see pic.


That night I froze the rest of the cabbage carefully after removing the water with a spinner,

On Saturday 28/8 went to the same spot with the frozen cabbage and landed only 1 Luderick for a 2 hour session. I did have a few downs but no other hooking ups

On Sunday 30/8 not deterred I had some more frozen cabbage in the freezer and I wanted to give it another try.. Fished for 2 hours and no downs. I find the cabbage floats and looks natural in the water but feels a little leathery on your fingers when baiting the hook.

I used burley with weed, bread and sand and could see flashes of fish. as the burley went down.

I decided to switch to bread as my bait, and started to get results with a mixed bag. see pic

Bream was 37cm, and Luderick to 34cm



I'm still going to tinker with frozen cabbage as as going to northern beaches has always been a bit of a drive for me... I'll be trying other spots, soon as this wind dies down, Port Hacking,  Kamay Botany Bay National Park, and La Perouse. Should be able to get weed at some of these spots as long as there are no restrictions.

Always good to bring some bait alternatives to mix it up a bit.


Mr T

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Nice catch ! I could just about smell that leatherjacket frying in a pan with some butter 🤤

I have the same problem - a lot of travel to get to the rocks to get my bait then all the way back to go fishing the next day - unless i fish Narrabeen lagoon or pittwater which i can get my bait at low tide and fish the run up straight after .

Have you tried keeping the cabbage wrapped up in paper in the bottom of the fridge ? I used to do this with weed and it was good for a few days in there ,i have done the same for live pipis and they clam up shut and go to sleep but come back to life when i put them in a bucket of sea water - this is only overnight though !


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If i plan to use the cabbage the next day... i just leave it in the bucket with some sea water in the coldest room in the house the bath room .. works well.

In summer i leave in the fridge...

Thanks for the tip I will give the paper towel method a go

I have also caught luderick on prawn but as a by catch fishing for bream  



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